Dolores O'Riordan

One of Ireland's music icons with her band The Cranberries.. You will be missed Dolores <3.

Dolores O'Riordan
the-cranberries-zombie-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Zombie30309 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-linger-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Linger6819 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-when-youre-gone-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - When You're Gone3495 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-just-my-imagination-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Just My Imagination2709 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-dreams-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Dreams5607 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-ode-to-my-family-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Ode To My Family5571 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-promises-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Promises1956 jam sessions · chords:the-cranberries-animal-instinct-thecranberriesvevoThe Cranberries - Animal Instinct2949 jam sessions · chords:

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