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bhanai-tribal-rainTribal Rain - Bhanai81 jam sessions · chords:maya-ma-yestai-hunxa-ki-fuba-tamang-ishwor-magarIshwor Magar - Maya ma yestai hunxa ki - Fuba tamang51 jam sessions · chords:malai-ullu-nabanau-neetesh-j-kunwarNeetesh J. Kunwar - Malai Ullu Nabanau39 jam sessions · chords:aakash-bata-by-dibya-subba-the-blueacidzmpg-dibya-subbaAakash bata - By Dibya Subba & The BlueAcidz.mpg69 jam sessions · chords:kasari-bhanu-official-lyrical-video-swoopna-suman-arbitrary-originals-channel-arbitraryKasari Bhanu - Official Lyrical Video - Swoopna Suman - Arbitrary Originals246 jam sessions · chords:maya-ka-baadal-kabaddi-kabaddi-cinema-art-nepalMaya Ka Baadal - Kabaddi kabaddi78 jam sessions · chords:kunai-din-lyricsthe-coffee-song-swoopna-suman-everything-with-kiranKunai Din Lyrics(The Coffee Song)/Swoopna Suman48 jam sessions · chords:bujheu-haina-kura-official-audio-neetesh-jung-kunwar-neetesh-jung-kunwarBujheu Haina Kura? |Official Audio|Neetesh Jung Kunwar138 jam sessions · chords:herda-herdai-by-raju-lama-dipak-waibaHerda Herdai by Raju Lama63 jam sessions · chords:gangster-blues-ajambarilyrics-kanchan-ghimireGangster Blues- Ajambari(Lyrics)99 jam sessions · chords:ashma-a-confession-neetesh-j-kunwar-neetesh-jung-kunwarAshma (A Confession) - Neetesh J Kunwar288 jam sessions · chords:dherai-choti-aakha-new-version-ironmannepalDherai Choti Aakha (new version)99 jam sessions · chords:sushant-kc-aama-sushantkcSushant KC - Aama246 jam sessions · chords:narisawnah-tribal-rain-with-lyrics-nikhil-sharmaNarisawnah Tribal Rain With Lyrics57 jam sessions · chords:neetesh-jung-kunwar-gedai-jasto-jindagi-lyrics-abhishek-budhathokiNeetesh jung kunwar - gedai jasto jindagi (lyrics) unofficial108 jam sessions · chords:sworga-ki-pari-tuborg-arbitrary-live-e5-neetesh-jung-kunwar-channel-arbitrarySworga ki pari - Tuborg Arbitrary Live E5 - Neetesh Jung kunwar36 jam sessions · chords:chari-bharara-idiotgurlChari bharara213 jam sessions · chords:ukali-chadaula-cover-by-swoopna-suman-12bwsongsUkali chadaula Cover by Swoopna suman312 jam sessions · chords:hamro-nepal-ma-neetesh-jung-kunwar-muna-moktanHamro Nepal Ma - Neetesh Jung Kunwar30 jam sessions · chords:lyrics-and-chords-ukali-chadaula-orali-jharaula-trishala-gurung-swoopna-suman-ajay-kazi-thapaLyrics And Chords Ukali Chadaula Orali Jharaula Trishala Gurung/Swoopna Suman33 jam sessions · chords:gainey-dajai-trishna-gurung-official-video-trishna-gurungGainey Dajai - Trishna Gurung [Official Video]171 jam sessions · chords:hamro-nepal-ma-neetesh-jung-kunwar-official-lyrics-chords-guitar-lesson-wizz-anomyHamro Nepal Ma - Neetesh Jung Kunwar || Official Lyrics & chords || Guitar lesson ||132 jam sessions · chords:neetesh-jung-kunwar-pidit-love-story-part-2-lyrics-bikram-thakuriNeetesh Jung Kunwar - Pidit (Love Story Part 2) | Lyrics18 jam sessions · chords:gedai-jasto-jindaginon-explicit-neetesh-jung-kunwar-neetesh-jung-kunwarGedai Jasto Jindagi(Non-Explicit)-Neetesh Jung Kunwar423 jam sessions · chords:best-hindi-english-nepali-5-songs-mashup-bipul-chettri-justin-bieber-sabin-rai-lalit-singh-kauso-entBest Hindi-English-Nepali (5 Songs) Mashup/Bipul Chettri/Justin Bieber/Sabin Rai/Lalit Singh/105 jam sessions · chords:samjhana-birsana-guitar-chords-lesson-arun-lamaSamjhana Birsana - Guitar chords | lesson51 jam sessions · chords:

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