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Westlife Chords

Westlife Chords

Westlife is an Irish pop group, initially consisting of vocalists Shane Filan, Mark Feehily and Kian Egan who were later joined by Nicky Byrne. Brian McFadden, who also used to be part of the group, left in 2004 and has been pursuing a solo career since. Born in the 1980s, the band’s members are old stagers, having experienced ups and downs together. Westlife chords are poppy and catchy, and you can find them here at Chordify.

Guinness World Records

Westlife’s self-titled first album that was released in 1999, has given the band international recognition. Since the start of their career, they have released 13 albums in total. The popularity of the boy band is indisputable: They have sold over 55 million records and their tunes have been streamed more than 550 million times on Spotify.

In fact, Westlife is listed 34th among those artists that have sold most singles in the history of British music; hearing the opening chords of a Westlife song is enough for most people to recognize it. More so, the band has achieved to become the holder of the following Guinness World Records: First to achieve seven consecutive number-one singles in the U.K.; most public appearances in 36 hours by a pop group; most singles to debut at number one on the U.K. chart; and top-selling album group in the U.K. in the 21st century.

Boy band breakup

Westlife is known for its ballads and club-worthy pop songs. While they have managed to become one of Europe’s most celebrated bands in the process of churning out new tunes, their American audience wasn’t equally excited about Westlife’s music; and success failed to come overseas.

Their album Greatest Hits, which was released in November 2011, would eventually turn out to be their last one for a while, as the band separated in 2012. The album is a collection of the most popular Westlife songs, featuring four songs that were new at the time. Tip: The greatest hits are a nice place to start when you want to learn Westlife chords. When they announced their farewell tour, tickets for the show that took place at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, which fits a crowd of over 80,000, were sold out within minutes.

The reason for them splitting up was that the members felt that it was time to focus on their own careers and families and take things slower for a while. However, rumor has it that they were fighting more and more often with one another, which led to their separation. After they split up in 2012, Westlife reunited in 2018 and released their latest album Spectrum in 2019. The most famous Westlife track is probably “Flying without wings.” Find all Westlife chords to play along here!

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