Welcome to the summer jams! Here are 10 top songs that dominated Chordify in the last month of spring. We’ve got some awesome newcomers, and of course a few Top 10 all stars. Let’s get this party started.

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We have a newcomer! Japanese singer-songwriter Joji released his track “Glimpse of Us” on June 22, and it went straight to the top. The crossover balad with its characteristic piano is according to fans and critics the moment we’ve been waiting for: Joji is entering the mainstream on his own terms.

The video made by 28-year old filmmaker Dan Streit is a collage of mayhem of which we can’t tell if it’s real or staged. Combined with the piano sounds it’s a feast for the eye, ear, and aesthetic snobs. Because yes, this is art.

Justin has entered the Top 10… again

Remember the “Ghost”? No, not that movie with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, but the track Justin Bieber released in September of 2021. Well, somehow this song has gained some momentum with our users. We have to admit that the acoustic guitar in the chorus does sound epic in between all the slick produced beats.

10 top songs

Some more new faces

Latto has entered our list of 10 top songs with the banger “Big Energy”. It’s a no-brainer why, when you listen to it, just try to stand still. From a music perspective it is almost unbelievable how colourful and layered this song sounds, especially when you look at the chord progression: it’s just two chords! Mind blown, right?

top 10 juni

Old acquaintances

The Chordify Top 10 wouldn’t be the Chordify Top 10 without some old acquaintances. We’ll give you the chance to guess who these are? Nope, you won’t win anything, but just guess anyway. Uhu… you’re getting there. Is the suspense killing you already? Okay, here comes. 

Of course we have Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper present with their classic “Shallow”. Also blast from the past John Denver is still going strong. Last but not least in this list of old acquaintances we find REM with their evergreen “Losing My Religion”. So yeah, spring ended with a bang. Check out all the 10 songs below. Happy jamming!

Top 10 June

  1. Glimpse of Us – Joji
  2. Ghost – Justin Bieber
  3. My Religion – REM 
  4. Top Gun Anthem – Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens
  5. Take Me Home Country Roads – John Denver
  6. WAIT FOR U – Future featuring Drake and Tems
  7. Easy On Me – Adele
  8. Purple Hearts – Kendrick Lamar featuring Summer Walker and Ghostface Killah
  9. Big Energy – Latto
  10. Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
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