To all you people out there who thought it couldn’t get any better: well, it just did! With the Chordify Referral Program you can unlock all Premium Features with a discount-on-discount deal. A super easy win-win-win situation for you and your music friends. Because it’s always better together, right?

Discount on discount on discount
Are you a fan of Chordify? Then it’s time to invite all your band members, fellow students and family members to register for free. You can do this easily at ‘my invitations’. Everyone that responds to your invitation by registering for free, will provide you both with a 10% discount on Chordify Premium. This discount-on-discount-on-discount deal could go up to 50%.

Premium benefits
Adjust playback speed, loop difficult parts of the score and upload your own music – these are just some examples of the Chordify Premium Features. Check all Premium benefits and see if they work for you.

 Test Chordify Premium for free
To figure out if you like the way Premium works, we have a bunch of songs with all Premium Features unlocked. Try them out at the Premium Channel for free and decide for yourself if this is your kind of jam.

Here to stay
Whether you’re an impulsive bargain hunter or a precision decision maker, don’t worry, the referral program is an ongoing deal. No time limits or deadline, so you can join in anytime anywhere.

Check out the referral program and invite your friends.

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