What is a setlist in music? A setlist is a list of songs used by musicians on stage during concerts, so they know what song to play next. For fans, this piece of paper is a great souvenir to take home after a show. It’s no wonder, then, that some setlists have become very expensive collectors items. 

The strictness and organization of setlists depends on who’s on stage. Bands like Green Day can stick to the same setlist for an entire tour, while psychedelic rock bands like The Grateful Dead have never used the same setlist twice during their entire 30-year career. And Van Morrison has never even used one!

How to create the perfect setlist?

A good setlist can be one of the most important tools for an awesome live show. Basically, it comes down to deciding which songs to play and in what order. When doing so, take into consideration the tempo and key of each song, and take your audience on a musical ride to remember. Read more about the art of the setlist here.   

Create setlists on Chordify

Did you know you can make your own setlists on Chordify? Let’s see how it works. 

Add to setlist from songpage

Add to setlist from songpage

If you register at Chordify, you automatically have access to one setlist called “Favorites.” Every song you mark with a heart appears in this setlist. With Chordify Premium you can add as many setlists as you want to your music library. For instance, in categories like “Want to learn” or “Easy to play.” You name it! 

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The Art of the Setlist


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