Boy oh boy, have we got a song stuck in our heads! While browsing our stats for the songs you love playing we came across the most Chordifyed song by our German friends: Namika – Lieblingsmensch. And although the end of summer feels upon us here at Chordify HQ this song brings us right back to those sunny days!


Seeing how many of you Chordify from Germany made us realise another thing: there isn’t a German version of this site and that just doesn’t seem right! So we are really excited to announce that after English, Dutch, Brazilian Portugese and Spanish we will roll out a German version of Chordify this week!

This means that our German Brüder from the land of Nena, Rammstein and Kraftwerk (Okay, not that easy to play on your acoustic guitar, but brilliant none the less) will now be able to play along their favorite songs from the comfort of their own language!


The language will be detected automatically when you visit, but you can also manually change your preferred language at your account settings.

Viel Spaß!


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