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Check out the big brain on our new algorithm

We’ve just given birth to our new, high-powered bad boy of an algorithm! By harnessing the awesome power of Artificial Intelligence, we’ve unleashed a new chord extraction algorithm upon the world of music. It’s even more accurate and, best of all, it learns from our data and your chord edits, meaning it becomes even more accurate as time passes!

It’s alive! Almost, kinda
Artificial Intelligence you say? Yes! But it doesn’t mean our new algorithm will contemplate its own existence, complain about Mondays or says ominous things like: “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…”, while locking down the Chordify office.

Hal9000 Chordify Deep Learning

Our new and improved algorithm uses something called Deep Learning or Machine Learning, an AI technique where it learns from large data sets. Based on this data the algorithm becomes smarter than our own programmers!

Try playing along with: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Even more accurate awesomeness with A.I.
But that’s not all. Our smart bad boy will also look at all the chord edits you’ve made. So if our chord recognition algorithm hasn’t quite yet nailed your new favorite songs, it will learn from your corrections. So your edits don’t improve just the songs, they also improve the algorithm. It’s human teaching machine and vice versa.

Chordify algorithm edits deep learning

Other than increasingly awesome accuracy, you won’t notice a thing. It’s still just as fast, and it’s still just as easy to play along with your favorite songs. The only difference is that every time you chordify a song that isn’t in our database yet, or when you make corrections, you’re also helping Chordify become better and better!

Introducing: Chordify on iOS version 1.2

Good news for all you Apple fanboys and gals! We’ve just released version 1.2 of our Chordify iOS app last week. It’s sleek & slick, 10 times prettier, and we’ve completely redesigned the Discover Page. Go see for yourself and check it out.

Chordify iOS App Update

Sleek and strapping
The new version still has all the features you know and love. Both the web version and mobile version communicate with each other as if they were supernatural twins with psychic powers. You chordify or favorite a song in one, it shows up in the other, and vice versa. Search the YouTube and SoundCloud catalogues, as well as the 4.7 million songs already chordified by good people just like you. And of course we’ve given her a little makeover, so she’s pretty as a picture!

Chordify iOS App

Curated content and more to come
Looks ain’t everything, though. We’ve also completely redesigned the Discovery Page in the app. That means you can discover new and curated songs to your heart’s content on your iPhone or iPad, based on your own musical taste, and some featured songs we think you’ll also love.

While you enjoy this version, we’ll be burning the midnight oil behind the scenes to bring more and more of the advanced and premium features of our web app to the iOS app.

Enjoy it! Rate it!
You don’t have to take our word for it, just go ahead and check out this beauty for yourself. And don’t forget to rate the app and tell us what you love about it, or if you’d like to see some improvements. We really appreciate your feedback, because we want you to love the iOS app just as much as our web app.

Become a co-owner of Chordify!

Just over a week ago, we launched our Chordify crowdfunding campaign and so far, things are going great. We’ve already reached 65% of our €180,000 funding goal in a matter of days. Join us as we grow! Our campaign runs from November 30 to December 30, and by investing as little as €20, you can effectively become a co-owner of Chordify in a matter of minutes. It’s easier than ordering a pizza, so what are you waiting for? Suit up, invest and become a shareholder of the world’s numero uno platform for chords!

Chordify crowdfunding symbid

Co-owner you say? Yes indeed. In return for your investment, you get shares in Chordify. Because thanks to all of you, we were able to grow into the worldwide music platform we are today, where people spend over 4000 hours playing their favorite music every day. We want to grow even bigger in the next few years, by making Chordify more social, mobile, and of course even more accurate. Not just for you, but together with you.

crowdfunding symbid Chordify


Social and mobile
We’ve got the WebApp you know and love, along with our recently launched iOS app. But we’re not stopping there, because we want to be as mobile as we can. That means we’ll use part of the funds for developing an Android app. We also plan to bring the Premium features to both mobile apps.

Chordify iOS App Mobile

Music is something you make together, with friends or your music teacher. This is why part of the investments will be used to transform Chordify into a social platform, for example by letting you promote your band, feature the songs you’ve edited, share your music preferences, and collect practising statistics. Think of it as a for music practising.

Isn’t playing the songs of your favorite musicians the ultimate form of fandom? We think it is, which is why we also plan to further develop our Chordify Embedded Player. With the Embedded Player, musicians, festivals, music teachers, blogs and frankly everyone who is interested, will be able to use the Chordify player on their own website. This will make it very easy for everyone involved in music making to reach out and connect with their fans, music students or audience.

An added bonus for all you users
We’ve got a detailed description on our campaign page, describing our plans and projections and everything you need to know about becoming a shareholder.

As an added bonus, besides becoming a shareholder, investors will also receive a gift voucher for a Chordify Premium account. For yourself, or for a friend or family member. Or even random strangers if you’re truly in the Holiday spirit of giving!

Join us as we grow. Invest in Chordify!
Warm regards, y
our friends at Chordify.

chordify team lex vesseurcredits: Lex Vesseur
Please note: Investing is not possible if you are based in the US. We’re sorry about that.

The Top 5 most intensely practiced songs in October

Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing and created the Chordify Continental Top 5 of most intensely practiced songs.

Want to know who’s the new number one on your side of the pond? The scores are on the doors…. Check it out!

1. Organek – Głupi ja
2. Jérémy Sourdril – L’amour injuste
3. Stephen – Fly Down
4. Ghali – Dende
5. Chet Faker – I’m into You

chat faker chords chordify
Chet Faker

North America
1. Wrabel – 11 Blocks
2. Whitney – No Matter Where We Go
3. Citizens & Saints – Relent
4. Miike Snow – My Trigger
5. Jessica Domingo – Kendrick Lamar Medley

miike snow fin chords chordify
Miike Snow

South America
1. Green Valley feat. Saritah – Somos Iguales
2. Jose Lizardo – A Ti Pastor
3. La Máquina Camaleön feat Paola Navarrete – Los Zanqueros
4. Dulce y Agraz – Me Reparto en Ti
5. Santa Feria – Sakate Uno

green valley feat saritah chords chordify
Green Valley feat. Saritah

1. VERUA – Honoipo
2. Alex Lahey – You don’t think you like people like me
3. Troy Kingi – True Love
4. Big Scary – The Opposite of Us
5. Vera Blue – Hold

vera blue chords chordify
Vera Blue

1. Traveling – 近藤房之助 x 大村憲司 x 西慎嗣
2. Sheila Majid – Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta
3. A. R. Rahman – Malargale Malargale
4. Namak Halaal – Jawani Janeman Haseen Dilruba – Asha Bhosle
5. Glenn Fredly & The Bakuucakar – Rame-Rame/Timur

ar rahman malargale malargale chordify chords
A.R. Rahman

1. Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Blerk, Refentse – Hardekole
2. Bouwer Bosch – Sy Klink Soos Lente
3. Nathaniel Bassey – Casting Crowns
4. Herman Kleinhans – Ek Sweer
5. Sinach – Way Maker

bouwer bosch sy klink soos lente chords chordify
Bouwer Bosch

A final note for those who are worried about privacy or possibly somewhat ashamed of their guilty pleasures: it’s all big data, not individual results. If you secretly want to learn to play the entire Frozen soundtrack, don’t worry, we can’t trace it back to you!

The Top 5 most intensely practiced songs in September

Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing and created the Chordify Continental Top 5 of most intensely practiced songs. Check it out!

North America
1. Wilco – If I Ever Was a Child
2. The Mr. T Experience – Cinthya (with a Y)
3. Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed
4. Arsenal Efectivo – Vida Peligrosa (El Solecito)
5. Fleurie – Hymn

paul mccartney chords
Paul McCartney

1. Shemekia Copeland – Married to the Blues
2. Cesaria Evora – Besame Mucho
3. Philip Sayce – Morning Star
4. Daft Punk – Horizon
5. Sivu – Love lives in this House

daft punk chords
Daft Punk

1. Big Scary – The Opposite of Us
2. Adeaze – The Lord is My Light
3. The Hard Aches – Glad That You’re Gone
4. Alex Lahey – You don’t think you like people like me
5. Bernard Fanning – Wasting Time

big scary the opposite of us chords
Big Scary

South America
1. Eva Ayllon – Saca las manos
2. Fusa HD – Mustafunk – En tu mirada
3. Compadre Ernesto – Te ando buscando
4. Son By Four (Ítala Rodriguez) – La Fe de Maria
5. Los Vasquez – Cumplimos Otro Año 2014

eva ayllon saca las manos chords
Eva Ayllon

1. Syura – Nazam Berkasih
2. Kim Woo Bin – Do You Know
3. Shehyee – Inspirasyon
4. Hasu Kasari / Roop Tera
5. Hajji Alejandro – Kay Ganda Ng Ating

kim woo bin do you know chords
Kim Woo Bin

1. Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Blerk, Refentse – Hardekole
2. Sinach – Way Maker
3. Joshua na die Reën – Lig op die Horison
4. John Legend – All Of Me
Casting Crowns by Nathaniel Bassey and Lovesong

ricus nel hardekole chords
Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Blerk, Refentse

A final note for those who are worried about privacy or possibly somewhat ashamed of their guilty pleasures: it’s all big data, not individual results. If you secretly want to learn to play the entire Frozen soundtrack, don’t worry, we can’t trace it back to you!



Introducing: Chordify on iOS

After months of work, we’re finally launching our brand new Chordify iOS app, during the Reeperbahn Music Festival in Hamburg, Germany this week. Co-founder Bas de Haas will be presenting it during the festival’s NEXT conference, in all its splendor and shining glory. If you’re an Apple fanboy, now would be the time to download it in a rabid frenzy!

Chordify iOS App available now icon badge

We won’t be able to live-stream the NEXT keynote, so you’ll just have to imagine Bas wearing a black turtleneck in front of a roaring crowd, as he presents the new app with a live demo, and talks about future plans for world domination, as well as our recently launched Chordify Now Embedded Player. Also imagine terms like “revolutionary” and “game changing” thrown around casually, with lots of cheering and applause.

Chordify Everyone is a musician start playing
Overactive editorial imagination aside, the Reeperbahn Festival is actually one of the biggest music showcase festivals in Europe, so we couldn’t be happier to launch our app there and enjoy some very talented bands in the process. So, for those of us not fortunate to be in Hamburg to witness this magnificent event, here’s a description of our app, in true Apple style:  

Our shiny brand new app. Design redefined.
What’s truly revolutionary about our new app, is that not much has changed. It’s just as easy to use as the web version, with the same basic features you know and love.

Chordify iOS screenshot sample

Seamlessly integrated. Seriously effortlessly.
Both the web version and mobile version communicate with each other as if they were albino twins with psychic powers. You chordify or favorite a song in one, it shows up in the other, and vice versa. Search the YouTube and SoundCloud catalogues, as well as the 4.5 million songs already chordified by good people just like you.

chordify ios screenshot sample

Animated chord diagrams. Revolution reanimated.
When you change the game, you change the rules. When you’re unsure how to play a certain chord, you switch to the animated chord diagram view. You can easily switch between chords and chord diagrams, for guitar, piano, ukulele and ‘80s synthesizers.

Try it. Love it.

The Reeperbahn Festival
Now that we’ve covered the app stuff, let’s move on to some cool music. The Netherlands is this year’s focus-country for the festival, and Chordify is part of a Dutch delegation of companies and musicians, like De Staat, Bombay and Blaudzun.

ReeperBahn festival Dutch Impact de Staat Klangstof
Some of the acts may sound familiar, like Black Oak (check out our recent interview with them), and Klangstof, who performed on our stage during Eurosonic. We also did an IDK session with Rats on Rafts you should definitely check out.


Kicking it at the ISMIR Conference in New York

Last month, Chordify’s own Bas de Haas and Vincent Koops flew down to New York City to visit the annual Conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), the world’s leading research forum on processing, searching, organizing and accessing music-related data. As you know, Chordify is all about music science, so the annual conference was right up our alley.

ISMIR 2016 New York Chordify

Co-founder Bas is a real veteran when it comes to ISMIR, having been involved with music information retrieval ever since his PhD research. In fact, our algorithm that automatically extracts the chords of your favorite songs is based on his academic handiwork. The conference features all the latest research in this area and some really big companies – like Spotify, Google, Apple and Pandora – are starting to pick up on that too.

ISMIR 2016 soundcloud

What’s so cool about MIR
Music Information Retrieval may sound a little dry and technical, but the applications are very awesome; you’ve used it many times without probably even knowing it. We’re not just talking about our own algorithm, but things like the recommended songs you get with Pandora and Spotify or using Shazam to get the title of the song you’re hearing, it’s all based on this field of research. “The conference is a great way to keep up with all the technology and research”, Bas explains. “Everything we can currently do, all the latest research, is presented right here.”

“My personal highlight was the talk on the Deep Chroma Extractor”, Bas continues. “Without getting too technical, it uses artificial intelligence and neural networking to recognize chords in music. These neural networks are basically a mathematical model, inspired by the way our own brain works.”

“You can do a lot of really cool stuff with it, like creating an algorithm that recognizes dogs and cats in photographs and YouTube videos, or beat people at that very complex game called Go, like Google’s algorithm recently did. And there’s some really cool art made by A.I. too, like Google’s DeepDream.”

Deap_dream_generator_ISMIR_2016Transformed photo by Deep Dream Generator

Science and tech companies working together
Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, that’s also what Vincent is involved in. He’s currently working on his PhD thesis at Utrecht University with Chordify, coming up with ways to combine your chord edits in more accurate schematics. “I was a little worried about making it to the conference though”, Vincent explains. “I broke my leg recently and had a couple of metal pins inserted and of course the US is notoriously difficult to get into.”

Fortunately though, the metal pins didn’t set off any alarms at airport customs. “I really enjoyed the conference. I went to a couple of tutorials and workshops, like jazz solo analysis. And a colleague of mine gave a talk about why hip hop is very interesting for scientific research, since most of the genre is sample based, so there’s some really cool applications for that, like recognition software for the original song the sample was used from”, Vincent continues.

“I also really enjoyed the social program, like going to the Brooklyn Bowl, enjoying an IPA while watching the band Soulive perform.”

“What’s also really interesting,” Vincent continues, “is that a lot of big tech companies take notice of what’s happening here. They’re not just here to check out the latest research, but are also actively involved in the official program. Spotify hosted their own Hackday just before the conference and Pandora got the band Soulive to perform at the Brooklyn Bowl.”

Play Along with Steppin’ by Soulive

Soulive ISMIR 2016 New York Next year, a couple us will be flying to China – because ISMIR Conference 2017 will be held in Suzhou, near Shanghai – to check out all the new strides being made in Music Information Retrieval.

The Top 5 Most Intensely Practised Songs in August

Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing and created the Chordify Continental Top 5!

Adele is no longer the queen of the charts worldwide. Want to know who reigns supreme? Only one way to find out!

North America
Need To Breathe – Testify
Wrabel – 11 Blocks
John Legend – All of Me
Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven
D.R.A.M. – Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty

chords need to breath testifyNeed to Breathe – Testify

John Legend – All of Me
Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven
Joey Moe – Smukkest på en søndag

Gulddreng – Se Mig Nu
Marcus & Martinus – Heartbeat

Joey Mo Smukkest Pa En Sondag ChordsJoey Moe – Smukkest på en søndag

South America
La Vaca Lola
Miss Bolivia and Leo Garcia – Tomate el Palo
Fabiani – Amor a Primera Vista
Manuel Medrano – El Swing de la Propuesta
Los Espiritus – Noches de Verano

Manuel Medrano El Swing de la Propuesta ChordsManuel Medrano – El Swing de la Propuesta

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Afreen Afreen
Civil Voice – Bappage Akkage Duwa
Tayo Lang Ang May Alam – Peryodiko
Marshmello – Alone
New Boyz – Hiasan Di Laman Rindu

Tayo Lang Ang May Alam Peryodiko chordsTayo Lang Ang May Alam – Peryodiko

Bernard Fanning – Wasting Time
Anne Marie – Alarm
Vera Blue – Hold
Big Scary – The Opposite of Us
Paul Dempsey – Idiot Oracle

Bernard Fanning Wasting Time chordsBernard Fanning – Wasting Time

Sinach – Way Maker
Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Blerk, Refentse – Hardekole
Kenyan National Anthem
Bouwer Bosch – Sy Klink Soos Lente
Herman Kleinhans – Ek Sweer

Kenyan National Anthem chordsKenyan National Anthem

A final note for those who are worried about privacy or possibly somewhat ashamed of their guilty pleasures: it’s all big data, not individual results. If you secretly want to learn to play the entire Frozen soundtrack, don’t worry, we can’t trace it back to you!

5 head scratching backstage demands from famous musicians

From crazy custom instruments to obscure musicians, Chordify Relics is the place to discover fun facts, music myths and other top-notch trivia!

5 head scratching backstage demands from famous musicians

When you’re famous enough to perform in jam-packed arenas filled with rabid fans, it’s not at all unreasonable to ask for a few perks and luxuries on tour. After all, when you’re used to the rockstar life of fast cars, champagne and mansions with olympic-sized gold-plated swimming pools, you don’t want to spend your time backstage in a cold, empty locker room.

That’s why musicians have something called a ‘rider’ when they’re touring: a list of demands with everything they need, ranging from stage equipment to snacks and beverages. A rider is also a legally binding contract, so if demands aren’t met, the artist won’t perform, but still gets paid. The website The Smoking Gun publishes the artist riders they can get their hands on, with artist demands ranging from outrageous to downright bizarre. Here’s a few of them!

5. Queen Latifah

Hip hop diva Queen Latifah’s artist rider from 1993 starts out with a list of pretty useful items, like snacks and drinks, crackers and cheese, some cough drops, a bag of breath mints, a jar of mayonnaise, and oh, a dozen Rough Rider studded condoms… When you start to wonder how these items relate to one another, it paints a disturbingly vivid and absurd picture of what’s going on backstage.

QueenLPhoto by: Spiralone

Also, Queen Latifah wanted a bucket of fried chicken, which was oddly stressed in the rider as NOT being for dinner purposes…Let’s just assume it’s unrelated to some of the previously mentioned items and call it a snack, because you obviously work up an appetite with this level of fan interaction.

Check the artist rider from Queen Latifah at The Smoking Gun

4. Van Halen

You may have heard the mythical story of the Van Halen band members trashing the backstage area because there were brown M&Ms present. This is actually a true story! But it wasn’t because they were bored, angry or suffering from a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, they had a good reason.

VanHalenPhoto: Sarah W.

For that particular tour, they carried a lot of high-end, big ass stage lights and equipment and quite a few of the arenas they played weren’t equipped to deal with all of those things or even had loading doors wide enough to carry them inside. In those days, a lot of promoters didn’t bother to read artist riders, so that’s why they added the M&M clause. Some of the crew members would arrive a couple of hours before the band, and if they saw people frantically sorting M&Ms, they knew they could they could safely carry and set up the equipment.

Check the artist rider from Van Halen at The Smoking Gun

3. Metallica

It’s interesting to see how this band has evolved in the past 30 years and the two published artist riders give a lot of insight into that. Their 1983 rider consists of a single page of actual rider, mostly stipulating the need for a case beer. The other two pages are a hand typed artist bio, explaining their humble beginnings and grounded personalities: “Becoming legendary to most musicians is a major dream and is only realized through much hardship and struggles. To ‘Metallica’ it came almost immediately.”

MetallicaMembers of Van Halen, and Metallica back stage during the Monsters of Rock Tour, 1988.

Check the 1983 artist rider from Metallica at The Smoking Gun

Their rider from 2004 has 24 pages with a lot more legalese, but also explaining the vital importance of bacon (typed in caps for extra emphasis): “VERY IMPORTANT THAT BACON BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY MEAL AND DURING DAY.”

And compare it to the one from 2004

2. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop’s riders are by far the most hilarious, with heavy editorializing and fun requests, like this:

1 X KORG 2000 DIGITAL RACK TUNER. Digital in the sense that it works via an electronically generated number system, not digital because it only works if someone holds it together with their fingers


The actual model number of the amplifiers is 2203.

There should be six (6) knobs – which our guitar roadie Chris will personally count on arrival, (and trust me, he’s a very good counter I once saw him count four dozen packets of guitar strings in what seemed to be the blink of an eye, but was probably more like 20 seconds; I would say he is the closest thing we have in our touring party to a mathematical genius. Very good at Sudoku, and a genuinely pleasant chap to have around. On the other hand, he does have some rather unfortunate ideas on the descent of the panda. (Please see Monitor Requirements Rider for further details)).

Iggy_Pop_Memphis_2007Pop at Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis in May 2007.

The sound guy “must be a fluent English speaker and not afraid of death.” Iggy also needs a good Bob Hope impersonator backstage, as well as seven dwarves dressed in Disney-like fashion and the last pages are basically a pitch for a reality TV show called Dead Dog Island, “in case this rider finds its way into the hands of TV executives.”

1. Foo Fighters

Just like Iggy’s rider, this one from the Foo Fighters’ 2011 tour is a real work of art, one you will actually enjoy reading from cover to cover. Statements on the need for vegetarian food for some of the crew members include:

“Vegetarians. Yep. The Crusades didn’t rid the world of them so we have to pretend to care. Seriously, a baked potato is not an acceptable dinner. I will go Jeffrey Dahmer on anyone in range if I see one more baked potato set up in a dank meeting room in the rectum of a basketball gym. Also remember that vegetarian means: food that DID NOT have a face. It has/had a shadow but never mooed or clucked-unless it hung out with Rick James.”

Check the 2004 artist rider from The Foo Fighters at The Smoking Gun

To help the venue staff figure out the dos and don’ts of food, they’ve also included “Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages”, a hilarious coloring and puzzle book:

The Ultimate Top 5 Chordified Songs for June

Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing and created the Chordify Continental Top 5!

Remember last month’s chart topper? That song with the profound and deeply philosophical lyrics, “Blue Da Ba Dee” by Eiffel 65? Well, it seems to have magically disappeared from the US chart, just like it did in 1999, in true one hit wonder fashion. Want to know who’s the new number one? The scores are on the doors…

1. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself
2. Adele – Hello
3. Leiva – Terriblemente Cruel
4. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
5. Alvaro Soler – Sofia   

ed-sheeranEd Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud / Photo: Alexander Tamargo, Getty Images

North America
1. Lukas Graham – 7 Years
2. Jamie Grace – Do Life Big
3. 888 – Critical Mistakes
4. Michael Ray – Kiss You In The Morning
5. Vanessa Zamora – Este Final (Acoustic)

JamieJamie Grace

1. แพ้ใจ – ใหม่ เจริญปุระ
2. Projector Band – Sudah Ku
3. Maor Edri – Small
4. Eyal Golan – Lean Heganu
5. BTS – Fire  

bts_fire_allkillBTS – Fire

South America
1. Ozuna – Te Vas
2. Mana – Hasta Que Te Conocí
3. Ráfaga – Una Cerveza
4. Los Totora – No Hay Más Nada
5. Tom Swoon & Mosimann feat. Ilang – I’m Leaving (Mosimann Live Edit)  

NoHayLos Totora – No Hay Más Nada

Tune in next month for brand new results!

The rules & the metrics
To get the most relevant and least puzzling results, we’ve laid down a couple of ground rules for filtering all the chordified songs. First off, we’ve used Google Analytics and YouTube (since it’s the most popular platform). And because there are a lot of versions and variations of songs on a gazillion different channels, we’ve only counted the songs from official accounts and channels. The result is a big pile of songs, sorted across five different continents.

And a final note for those who are worried about privacy or possibly somewhat ashamed of their guilty pleasures: it’s all big data, not individual results. If you secretly want to learn to play the entire Frozen soundtrack, don’t worry, we can’t trace it back to you!