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You finally recorded your album and now all you need is some kickass album art. However, not everyone can or should be designing the cover of your album because it can sometimes turn out truly terrible.

Cover Browser has a really cool section dedicated to some of the worst attempts at album covers the world has ever seen. It’s a real treasure trove of chuckles but from time to time, you’ll find something that is so stupefyingly disturbing that it’s actually pretty impressive. In order to save you from getting sucked in and wasting countless hours that you could be spending shredding new songs, here are five album covers that are so terrible, they will make your brain hurt.

5. When your mighty hammer is in the shop but the other Avengers still need you
Apparently, the Canadian version of Thor wields a pack of dogs instead of a hammer. The guy on the cover is Jon Mikl Thor and he’s also a bodybuilder, actor, screenwriter and an avid (but obviously not very gifted) historian.


4. At least the typography and rainbow logo are cheerful…
freddygage You can definitely call this a postmodern masterpiece of mixed messages and emotions… Freddie Gage was a couple of decades ahead of the curve at least, with one hell of a badass goth album cover. 


3. Uhm… you’re welcome?
dove Because sometimes a simple ‘thank you for an awesome birthday present’ just won’t cut it and you have to dedicate an entire album. It just makes you wonder if Mike Adkins is the musician or the intended recipient and whether this is sincere gratitude or an act of passive aggression taken to a whole new level, in a ‘No really Mike, this is the most perfect and appropriate gift ever, and I truly want the whole world to know what you got me for my birthday’ sort of way.


2. It’s a bird! it’s a plane! No, it’s super confusing…
The woman in the pedal car seems to share the sentiment of confusion. If you think the people, the setting and the highly suggestive title are disconcerting, go ahead and check out their music. It’ll surely keep you awake at night and preoccupied during the day.


1. Darn-it, I’m bringing Sergeant Whiskers!
chordify These guys rocking the creepy uncle look are from Hungary and they’re called Cirmos Koktél. It makes you wonder if one of them didn’t get the memo about what to bring to the band’s photo shoot, or if Mr. Kitty is actually a living instrument. Or he may in fact be the creative force behind the band. There is a cat on all of their album covers and their music sounds like this:

These guys are also available for weddings and garden parties, but it would probably be wise not to let them near the punch bowl…



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