We’re back in black, we hit the sack, it’s been too long, so we’re glad to be back! And this time we’re taking it to the next level, ‘cause it’s going to be all week long. Are you ready for some hits from our Black Friday channel? Here’s what’s new.

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Katie Armiger – Better in a Black Dress

Knock, knock… Who is it? Black Friday, so what you gonna do? Jam to our specially made channel of course. Have you ever felt like things would be “Better in a Black Dress”? Katie Armiger certainly has, and she even wrote a song about it.  

Written in the key of D major, the track is a good opportunity to practice your guitar skills. The song has a nice rhythm section, and explores some cool melodies in the scale of D. Things get a bit more difficult if you play the piano or the uke, but hey, it never hurts to challenge yourself from time to time.

Alana Grace – Black Roses Red

For all you piano players, this gem is an awesome song that just needs some sweet sweet jamming. “Black Rose Red” by Alana Grace has a great groove seasoned with some country spice. 

When we check out the chord progression, it’s obvious that this track isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Most chords are basic triads, with the Fm7 as the only exception. Try to jam along, and by doing so, you’ll strengthen your basic piano skills.  

Trapt – Black Rose

Before you say anything… Yes, we’re big fans of black roses. That’s why we got you a little gift. So guess what, here’s another song about them. This track is actually a good one for all you ukulele players. It has a few difficult chords, but overall the song will challenge your switching abilities. 

The chord changes happen at a pretty fast pace. But you can tackle that with the use of our Premium BPM feature. This allows you to slow down the song and the chord progression. It’s a great way to practice difficult parts. Pro tip: Use it in combination with the Premium Loop feature which allows you to repeat selected bars.

Frank Turner – Blackout

Try playing along with Frank Turner’s “Blackout” before the Black Friday channel goes dark. The song is nice for beginning piano players, and more advanced guitar- and uke players. The upbeat tempo has a happy vibe about it, and the rhythm guitar provides a cool approach to the chords presented. 

You’ve got a whole week to jam along with our Black Friday channel, so we suggest you use it to the fullest. And by a whole week, we actually mean a full week.  Yes, like the whole seven days, and not just until Friday, no, no… Since next week starts off with Cyber Monday, we’re going full on Terminator style. Enjoy, and as always: Happy jamming!

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