Just over a week ago, we launched our Chordify crowdfunding campaign and so far, things are going great. We’ve already reached 65% of our €180,000 funding goal in a matter of days. Join us as we grow! Our campaign runs from November 30 to December 30, and by investing as little as €20, you can effectively become a co-owner of Chordify in a matter of minutes. It’s easier than ordering a pizza, so what are you waiting for? Suit up, invest and become a shareholder of the world’s numero uno platform for chords! Chordify crowdfunding symbid Co-owner you say? Yes indeed. In return for your investment, you get shares in Chordify. Because thanks to all of you, we were able to grow into the worldwide music platform we are today, where people spend over 4000 hours playing their favorite music every day. We want to grow even bigger in the next few years, by making Chordify more social, mobile, and of course even more accurate. Not just for you, but together with you. crowdfunding symbid Chordify   Social and mobile We’ve got the WebApp you know and love, along with our recently launched iOS app. But we’re not stopping there, because we want to be as mobile as we can. That means we’ll use part of the funds for developing an Android app. We also plan to bring the Premium features to both mobile apps. Chordify iOS App Mobile Music is something you make together, with friends or your music teacher. This is why part of the investments will be used to transform Chordify into a social platform, for example by letting you promote your band, feature the songs you’ve edited, share your music preferences, and collect practising statistics. Think of it as a Last.fm for music practising. Isn’t playing the songs of your favorite musicians the ultimate form of fandom? We think it is, which is why we also plan to further develop our Chordify Embedded Player. With the Embedded Player, musicians, festivals, music teachers, blogs and frankly everyone who is interested, will be able to use the Chordify player on their own website. This will make it very easy for everyone involved in music making to reach out and connect with their fans, music students or audience. An added bonus for all you users We’ve got a detailed description on our campaign page, describing our plans and projections and everything you need to know about becoming a shareholder. As an added bonus, besides becoming a shareholder, investors will also receive a gift voucher for a Chordify Premium account. For yourself, or for a friend or family member. Or even random strangers if you’re truly in the Holiday spirit of giving!

Join us as we grow. Invest in Chordify! Warm regards, your friends at Chordify.

chordify team lex vesseurcredits: Lex Vesseur
Please note: Investing is not possible if you are based in the US. We’re sorry about that.

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