Next to Soundcloud, Youtube and your own files, you can now also chordify Deezer tracks! Over the past few weeks we’ve been working together with the fine people from Deezer to build two different integrations: A Chordify app in the Deezer app studio and full integration of the entire Deezer music library on (Note for US citizens: Deezer is not yet available in your country, we are sorry about that.)

Play along with your favorite music in Deezer

Chordify is tightly integrated with Deezer for the best experience. When listening to a song on Deezer you are just one click away from playing along with that very song. Just head over to the Chordify app, click the Chordify button and you’ll get the chords to play along with; just like you are used to at Chordify. You can also search any other song available on Deezer to chordify. Chordify in Deezer

Additional features for Chordify Premium users

On you can use many additional features when being a Chordify Premium user. Amongst others you can make use of chord transposition, library management and much more. So be sure to get yourself a Chordify Premium subscription and experience the best of both Chordify and Deezer!

The complete Deezer library is now also available within

If you visit the Chordify webpage, you will be greeted with the Chordify dialogue as shown below. Next to uploading a music file from your computer, or pasting a Soundcloud or Youtube link in the URL field, Chordify now also allows you to paste Deezer track URLs. Chordify will then automatically transcribe the chords from the supplied audio source and display them to you. 1394141757

Chordify Featured presents: Deezer Sessions

Deezer sessionsAlways wanted to play along with live sessions of some of the hottest artists from around the world? Then Deezer Sessions on Chordify Featured is fit for you. Deezer Sessions is an exclusive series of bands and artists performing stripped-down sets recorded in London and in Deezer’s own studio in Paris.

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