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Five tips to prevent blisters on your fingers

You probably know the feeling - just when you're getting into the jam and your fingers start hurting. Of course you do not want to be a whiner and therefore stubbornly continue playing. The result: blisters after which you can't practice for a couple of days. Here are five tips to prevent such situation.

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Fretting / Plucking / Strumming:
Finger Placement For Guitar

'Sloppy' technique is due to fingers being in the wrong places at the wrong time. There are a few simple guidelines for the perfect finger placement to consider when handling your guitar.

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4 Must Have Guitar Pedals To Rock Your Socks Off

No matter what style of guitar you play, you can always benefit from having a few essential pedals. Yes, even you classical players.

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Tips & tricks for tuning your guitar

Stay tuned! Really, tuning your guitar is more important than you think. Here’s a few tips & tricks.

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that mysterious clamp explained

Ever wondered what you could do with a capo? We’ll take you through the basics.

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