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We’ve got some big plans for 2017! First off, hats off and a big thank you for your overwhelming support for our crowdfunding campaign in December of last year. Without you, the big plans we have in store for this year would not have been possible.

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Check out the big brain on our new algorithm

We’ve just given birth to our new, high-powered bad boy of an algorithm! By harnessing the awesome power of Artificial Intelligence, we’ve unleashed a new chord extraction algorithm upon the world of music.

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Chordify on iOS version 1.2

Good news for all you Apple fanboys and gals! We’ve just released version 1.2 of our Chordify iOS app last week. It’s sleek & slick, 10 times prettier, and we’ve completely redesigned the Discover Page. Go see for yourself and check it out.

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Chordify on iOS

After months of work, we’re finally launching our brand new Chordify iOS app, during the Reeperbahn Music Festival in Hamburg, Germany this week. Co-founder Bas de Haas will be presenting it during the festival’s NEXT conference, in all its splendor and shining glory.

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The Ultimate Top 5 Chordified Songs for June

Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing and created the Chordify Continental Top 5! Remember last month’s chart topper? That song with the profound and deeply philosophical lyrics, “Blue Da Ba Dee” by Eiffel 65?

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Proudly introducing:
the embedded Chordify Player at Welcome to the Village!

Now that festival season is in full swing, we’ve got a mighty cool scoop for y’all. We present to you, in all its majesty: the embedded Chordify Player! Go ahead and check it out on the Welcome to the Village Festival artist pages.

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extended chords in chord edits feature for more musical majesty!

Bored with your average, run of the mill major and minor chords? Well good news, now you can up the ante with extended chords. That’s right, we’re going deluxe with our new chord extensions, so you get a richer sound which goes beyond mere major and minor.

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Introducing Chordify Credits:
premium features for individual songs

We’ve listened to your thoughts and suggestions and we’ve just rolled out Chordify Credits. It’s far more than a fancy alliteration, it’s all the features of Premium, without the commitment of a subscription.

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Rate them chords & help achieve epic accuracy

Please read the following paragraph out loud in your best and lowest movie trailer narrator voice: In a world, where chordified songs are not always as accurate as they could be, one brave user stands up for quality.

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Felice anno nuovo! Bonne année!

To kick off 2016 in style, we’re rolling out the two languages of love. Chordify is now available in French and Italian. That means you can now jam along with your favorite songs in no less than seven different languages.

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