Guess what, seven years ago we presented the beta version of our chord algorithm for the very first time in public at ISMIR. Since then a lot of things have changed. That’s why we stop for a minute, look back and celebrate the milestones that made Chordify the way it is today.

Chords for millions of songs 

Fun fact: our algorithm has chordified more than 15 million songs. Algorithm? Yup, we have our very own Terminator mind calculating chords every time a user like you wants to play along with a song. 

Will our Skynet destroy the world? We definitely hope not. Will it disrupt the way the world looks at music? Well, maybe. Our vision is that everyone is a musician and that everyone can learn to play an instrument. Moreover, it is now way easier than it used to be.

200 million visitors

The 200 million unique visitors that found their way to Chordify since the very beginning are the living proof that our music learning platform is helping people to pick up an instrument and learn a song or two in a few simple steps.

Our content focuses on beginners who have to learn the basic chords like the A chord, E chord, D chord, G chord or F chord. But we also like to help our more advanced visitors by showing them that chord theory isn’t that hard and enabling them to edit songs so they can tweak every chord to their own liking. Or showing you how hack the guitar neck by using the simple trick behind barre chords.

Free chords for any song

Chordify is a free platform. You just enter the name of a song and our algorithm searches in the database of YouTube, Deezer and Soundcloud for the song you want to play. The chords you see are for free. 

If you would like to make use of our Capo tool, the MIDI tool or our Loop tool, well you just have to register and add a Premium membership while you’re at it. Since the official public launch of Chordify during Eurosonic 2013 – yup, that’s a few months after the beta launch at ISMIR 2012 – more than 3 million registered members have joined our community.

Time to join the movement

This year ISMIR celebrates its 20th birthday. The conference takes place in Delft, in our home country the Netherlands. Like always we will attend, so you can swing by and say hello. But if you don’t have the time or the resources we totally understand. 

Why not grab your instrument, type in your favorite song and try to play along. We have tons of tracks waiting for you. Check out our Beginner channel for some songs to help you on your way, or our Top 50 channel for the latest hits. Whatever you do, just join the movement. Happy jamming!

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