As you know, Chordify has been around for seven years. During this time we have helped you to acquire the chords to any song for free. As some of you might have already observed, during the testing period of the last couple of months, we are slowly moving to a new freemium model. What’s going to change? That’s what this blog post explains.

All chords to all the songs will remain available at any time

Times change, companies evolve, and Chordify is not an exception. This is a good thing and we are really happy about it because the Chordify community has grown significantly in the past few years. To keep up with demand we have hired developers, writers, designers, and scientists. All with one purpose: improving your Chordify experience. In order to keep doing that, we have to adjust a few things; that will affect new visitors that use Chordify for free. If you are registered before January 2020 –  free or Premium – all remains the same.  

Changing the ‘free’ in freemium model 

Chordify uses a so-called freemium model. This term is just another way of saying that one part of our services is for free – free chords to any song, remember? As it is now, when you play a song, the chords follow the music realtime. This synchronization of chords with the audio is what we call “synchronized chord playback.” All chords to all the songs will remain available at any time. Only the realtime chord playback will be limited for the free part of Chordify. 

If you are a new, unregistered user you can use the synchronized chord playback for one song one time a day. Hungry for more? Just register for free and you’ll have three full plays per day. Still want more? Maybe you should consider a Premium membership to access infinite realtime chord playback for any song and lots of other Premium features. 

Register now bonus

The new freemium model, mentioned above, does not apply to you if you already registered to Chordify for free or have a Premium membership. So all community members who are registered before January 2020 –  free or Premium – won’t notice the changes. The times they are a-changin’, but one thing will remain the same: you will always be able to acquire the chords to the track you’re looking for. So no worries, we still got your back. Happy jamming!

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