When you think of Chordify you probably think of… Yes, chords for all your favorite songs. In our core however, we’re much more than that. “You’re an algorithm!” Yeah, we heard you thinking it, and yes we do have an awesome algorithm, but that’s not entirely who we are as a company. Let us give you a little insight about our heart and soul, what Chordify stands for. 

Passion for music

When the Chordify founders launched the company in 2013, they couldn’t have dreamt that in less than ten years time their music platform would be one of the biggest websites worldwide providing millions of users with the chords to any song you can think of. At the core of it all, they were just a few guys with a great passion for music, and wanted to share this with the world.

No guts, no glory

Now that the amount of people working at Chordify has increased tenfold, a lot has changed, but some things have stayed pretty much the same. We all still share a big passion for music for example. This makes our drive to help people live their music by all means big. To accomplish this we work hard, and take risks. You know what they say right? No guts, no glory.  

Grow as we go

Of course there’s only so much that a team can do, but we listen to you the people who use Chordify and grow as we go. Releasing one update after another, tweaking our design to enhance the user interface so that you can find everything you need intuitively, writing blog posts about how to play popular songs, and the list goes on and on. Our job is never truly finished since there’s always a new way that we can improve Chordify, so you can enjoy it more. 

If you only knew how our developers spar about how to bring a new feature to existence, or how our designers freak around with cool layouts until they get what they really want. Don’t get us started on our research unit, those peeps know how to dive into some serious data, even if it’s just to find out what kind of sub-sub-sub-genres you yes you like so we can highlight those songs more. 


Our work philosophy is simple: We believe in an autonomous workforce where everybody takes care of themselves and their work. We call it Chortonomy, where everyone does what they know best, and with all our skills combined we make Chordify worth your while. This might sound as if we know it all, but we don’t. And that might just be the real power behind Chordify. You don’t invent a blues standard by yourself, as the saying goes, but just ask for help instead.

Live your music

So you might think that we’re like super ninja music heroes that work day and night to make our users happy. In a way, you’re right, because our quest is to help people around the world live their music, and have fun. Music is at the very core of everything we do and stand for, and it’s the invisible string that ties us all together. 

Chordify however is much more than a company for which we work. It’s a place where we find like minded people that lift us up. We daily share our ups and downs, our smiles and frowns as a real family. We’d love to make you part of it.   

Happy jamming!

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