Brace yourself for some great stuff that will make your jamming experience even more awesome than it already is. Dear Chordify community, we proudly present to you … [drumroll] the setlists! Gather all your favorite tracks in one place. No, not in one long list, but in different lists for different occasions. Read on, we’ll explain.

Setlists are a Premium feature that is fully accessible on our website, but we have great news for app users: our iOS and Android teams are working hard to release it in full swing in the apps soon. Stay tuned!  

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Setlists – what is the fuzz all about?

Well, it’s all in the name, right? A setlist is that little piece of paper you often see taped to the stage floor at a rock show. Classical musicians work their way through a whole booklet during a concert. Whatever method you prefer, it all comes down to one thing, namely: Knowing which song comes next, so you know what to play.

Add song to playlist from channel
Add to setlist

Favorites’ setlist for free 

Add song to setlist

So everyone can make a setlist in Chordify? Yes, that’s right! Just search for a song and add it to ‘favorites’. This is your free setlist. For Premium users, the setlists feature is much more than that. It lets you pick, arrange and name setlists for every occasion. An endless stream of possibilities in the sea of music… 

How about making a summer jam setlist that you can use when you’re chilling out in the grass or on the beach with your friends. Or create a setlist that you can use with your bandmates, so everyone knows what to play and how to play it. Or just add songs you hear to your “practice” list, so you won’t forget them if you’re going to play later on.

Of course, you can also create a setlist with songs that are challenging and that will take some time to master. Just call it “It’s a long way to the top” and get back to it when you have some time to practice.

Where can I find the setlist feature?

Setlist icon

On web you can find setlists in your music profile and you can ‘add to setlist’ on every song page. In the apps you find your setlists in your library.

Now that we’ve got you hyped up, it’s time to tell you where you can actually start making your setlists. Remember the favorite feature? Yup the list where you could find all the songs you had tagged with a little heart. Right at the spot where the favorite button used to be, you’ll find the setlist feature. Don’t worry about all your favorite tracks, they are all part of your “Favorites” setlist now.

Add to setlist from songpage
Add to setlist from songpage

Premium Setlists

The new setlist feature is available for our Premium users. Not Premium yet? Booo! Get it here. If you’re a Freemium user, you’ll notice that your only setlist is your list of favorites. The songs you can add to that list are infinite, but Premium users have the freedom to make as many setlists as they want with as many songs as they like.

Top 5 Setlist names

Everyday, about 200 new setlists are created by the Chordify community. For your own setlist inspiration, here are some setlist names that rank very high: Pop, Jazz, Eagles, Mark Knopfler, Pink Floyd, Piano, Gospel, Practice, Worship, backing tracks, The Beatles, Oldies, Miscellany, Reggae, Acoustic, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Folk, Dire Straits, etc.

But what are the most used names you ask? This is the absolute top 5:

1. Country
2. Blues
3. Christmas
4. Rock
5. Beatles

If you keep on setting up your own setlists, we promise to keep on improving the feature. Cheers!

Get started! 

Enough talk! Time to get started. Go to your profile and try it out. There are so many songs waiting for you to get selected, arranged and played in a setlist. Oh man, they can hardly wait. Enjoy and remember that, with this new feature, “You’ve got the power.” Happy jamming!

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