We have yet another little Welcome to the Village Festival gem for you all. Together with our friends from Wood & Wire we’ve created a mini documentary with artist interviews, with bands such as The Boxer Rebellion and the Hackensaw Boys.

It was a truckload of work, running from stage to backstage, dragging camera and sound equipment and hustling last minute, spontaneous interviews, but it was a lot of fun too. We ended up with something you’ll love, with a few tips from the pros on how to make a career out of music, as well as inspiring stories that’ll make you want to pick your instrument right away and start jamming!

Everyone can become a musician
You may have already read some of our Backstage interviews, and this mini documentary is pretty much in line with those interviews. Learning to play an instrument is a lot of fun, but it’s not always that easy, and sometimes you feel like giving up all together. It’s something everyone involved in music can relate to, even the people who are now professional musicians.

So, rather than asking the questions you’ve already heard a gazillion times before, we wanted to dig deeper and talk with musicians about the musical process, the journey from picking up an instrument all the way to performing on stage.

More than your average aftermovie or artist interview
Every festival, every event and every party has one nowadays: the aftermovie. They’re cool to look at (especially if you’ve been there). The boys from Wood & Wire wanted to do things differently, and give people a little more meat to chew on. They wanted to create a hybrid of an aftermovie and artist interviews, that tells a single story, rather than giving you an impression of the atmosphere or just another collection a interviews.

The enthusiasm and willingness of all the musicians we’ve interviewed was amazing and we’re all really proud how the movie turned out. So many thanks to all the musicians for their time and stories and of course a big thank you to the Welcome to the Village Festival organization!


Other bands featured in this video are: Bewilder, The Lytics, Green Hornet, Danny Fahey.

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