We’ve got some big plans for 2017! First off, hats off and a big thank you for your overwhelming support for our crowdfunding campaign in December of last year. Without you, the big plans we have in store for this year would not have been possible. All you wonderful folks have made sure we got more than we bargained for, 125% of our goal to be exact! Because of this, we’re able to take Chordify into a new phase, meaning 2017 is going to be a big year with a lot of cool things to look forward to. That also means it’s high time for us to roll up our sleeves, get cracking and put all that money to good use. So without further ado, here’s what you can look forward to: Super duper mobile We already released our iOS app late last year, but in the course of 2017, all you Android users can also use the Chordify app in all its mobile and radiant glory. Additionally, we plan to bring a lot more of our premium features–like transposing chords, capo hints, slowdown, and MIDI downloads–to iOS and Android, as well as an offline mode, so you can really use Chordify anywhere, anytime. chordify android iOS app But there’s more! For all three platforms, we’ll also be adding the lyrics to all of your favorite songs, so stay tuned for more on that… Turning Chordify into a shared experience Music is something you make together, whether it’s with friends or your music teacher. This is why we want to be as social as possible, with an emphasis on encouraging interaction between you guys and gals, like sharing your progress and taste in music with other users on the platform.

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Soon you’ll be able to follow your friends and other people with the same taste in music, but also create and share your own setlists of favorite songs. We’re not stopping there, however, because we’ll also give you the option to easily find and connect with other users to start your own band! A new way for artists to reach out to their fans Isn’t playing the songs of your favorite musicians the ultimate form of fandom? We think it is, which is why we also plan to further develop our Chordify Embedded Player. With our embedded player, musicians, festivals, music teachers, blogs, and frankly everyone who is interested, will be able to use the Chordify player on their own website. This will make it very easy for everyone involved in music making to reach out and connect with their fans, music students, or audience.

Embedded Player on website Orange Skyline

Share your thoughts! We’re very open to your ideas and suggestions. If you think we should add other features too, be sure to let us know! After all, Chordify is made for and by music enthusiasts, so any thoughts and feedback you have are more than welcome.

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