Get your glitter on! The biggest song contest in Europe — with over 180 million viewers — happens to be in our little home country The Netherlands this year. Unfortunately, last year’s winner Duncan Laurence tested positive for Corona and can’t perform his song live — take care now, Duncan! 

But before we get too nationalistic; we are quite proud to be an international company with lots of different nationalities represented in the Chordify team. Together we made a shortlist with our favorite songs from Eurovision 2021, brought to you from the beautiful city of Rotterdam. Mind you, there are some amazing instruments in there… and did we mention glitter?

1 Lithuania 

This is without a doubt the song we have been waiting for. The absolute right song to light up all home discos around the world. Party ON! 

Play along with The Roop – Discoteque. Find all the chords here. 

2 Iceland 

The ‘circle synth’ is a thing now, and apart from the dance moves you apparently can do with it,  the solo it brings is also quite phenomenal… Yes, we LOVE this. 

Find the chords to play along with Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years here. 

3 Italy 

Glam Rock extravaganza with a badass female bass player. Wow what a band <3

Find the guitar chords for Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni right here.

4 Ukraine 

Uptempo green fur folklore makes us want to dance, dance, dance!

Here you find all the chords to Go_A – Shum so you can play along!

5 Germany 

Super happy ukulele song starring the best glitter uke we have ever seen!

Play along and find all ukulele chords for Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate 

6 The Netherlands 

Close harmony and strong dance moves!

Play along with Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age

Check out all finalists in this summary video for more stunning glitter outfits and more.

To round up our Eurovision 2021 favorite song list, we take a moment to look back and share with you the beautiful winning song from last year. Check out this lyric video of Arcade by Duncan Laurence. Enjoy!

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