The last couple of months we’ve been asking for your opinions on Chordify by sending you surveys. Partly to receive compliments (thank you so much!) and partly to see what we can improve. This resulted in several Chordifacts about ‘the Chordify user’!

Basically, the chord generator is a self-learning algorithm, so you’d think that the AI does all the work whilst improving itself. Still, human feedback is essential, because the algorithm learns best from manual adjustments to the chords. Your opinions are also very important for the most general of things. So thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in those questionnaires!

Here are some Chordifacts about ‘the Chordify user’:

  1. Did you know that 68% of the Chordify users play the guitar?
  2. Did you know that 50% of the Chordify users consider themselves intermediate players?
  3. Did you know that 21% of the Chordify users play in a band?
  4. Did you know that 7% of the Chordify users are professional musicians?

5. Did you know that in 2017 we had visits from literally every country in the world – including 2 visits from the Western Sahara and even 8 from North Korea.

6. Did you know the most important motivation to use Chordify simply is the love for music?

“Pleasure”, ”I just like music very much”, “Music is just so good, I have no words for it”, “Love the sound of my guitar”

7. Did you know that second most important motivation to use Chordify is to learn to play better?

“To become better than yesterday”, “Just love to try and learn guitar”,  “Learn something new every day”. “Playing songs that i could not play before because i could not find any chords on the web”

8. Did you know that most of the users like Tutorials & instructions the most?

9. What would the Chordify user like to accomplish by playing music? Here are some inspirational quotes:

“Fun”, “Self-satisfaction”, “Being able to play any song I want”, “Making myself and others feel good”, “Being able to compose my own music”, “Show people that they can do it too”, “To be a band member one day”

10. Did you know that almost all Chordify users would recommend Chordify to others?

Thanks again to everyone that took the time for filling out the questionnaires and helped us find ways to improve. You can expect more tutorials like the how-to-use-a-capo-blogpost. And we take the advice to ‘’Keep it cool’ to heart. Also, to anyone who is waiting for that Android app, we heard you, and working on it :)  Keep you posted!

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