Inspired by fresh spring/summer fashion and some serious spring cleaning, we proudly present a brand new layout for the Chordify website!

Outkast – So fresh and so clean

As you can see, the sidebar has transformed into a topbar, which provides more room for chords, articles and everything else you look for by using Chordify. The YouTube video’s are moved to the right, as well as the song suggestions. In the weeks to come, you might expect some more improvements, along the way.

With all things new, it might take some time to get used to, but we hope you will come to enjoy the new layout as much as we do. The paint job of this Chordify vehicle now matches the fancy pancy chord generating AI under the hood.

So kick back in the sun, sip your favorite cold drink, and enjoy the freshly brewed Chordify layout, while practicing your campfire summer hits. Please let us know what you think by giving us some feedback. Cheers!

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