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How Chordify conquered Eurosonic 2017

Every year in the dead of winter, the Dutch city of Groningen is home to Eurosonic–Europe’s biggest music showcase festival–with music industry professionals from around the world flocking to the city, visiting conferences and enjoying the music. Every year in January, the whole city turns into a giant music festival, with concerts, seminars, pop-up venues, parties and after-parties everywhere.

We have a special connection with Eurosonic, because Groningen is also our hometown and we actually launched Chordify during Eurosonic, back in 2013. So each year since, we love to be involved, by hosting our own stage for example. This year however, we were really busy beavers; our own stage, workshops, founders Gijs and Bas speaking at seminars and much, much more. So here’s a recap of all our musical adventures!

Music & Tech Hideout
Just like last year, we hosted our own stage, so let’s start off with some tunes! IDK filmed a couple of intimate live artist sessions with indie folk musician Siv Jakobsen and Be Charlotte–SXSW veteran performers and their second single moving straight to Spotify’s Viral top 50.

We shot two live recordings together with IDK: Siv Jakobsen (NO) and Be Charlotte (UK)

Besides awesome music, there were also student workshops, like how to program your own music with SonicPi, DJ workshops and even stage lighting.

Gado Gado Party & showcases
Gado what now? Gado gado! It’s amazingly tasty Indonesian food. On Friday evening, we went all out with our exclusive, invite-only party; a standing buffet, great bands and DJs, and spectacular refreshments of the beer and gin & tonic kind.

We’ve had some really amazing performances by the Marsicans, Wyvern Lingo, Jo Goes Hunting, CUT_, GlintsBroken Brass Ensemble, and DJ Duke Hugh just to name a few. Check out our official aftermovie to get a glimpse of all the fun:

Marsicans performing on the Music&Tech Stage (picture: Tineke Klamer)

Chordify in the Conference Program
Not one, but two of our founders were invited to speak at conference about the future of music, in front of an audience of music industry bigwigs. Gijs attended a panel discussion about the changing landscape of the music industry and where Chordify stands and helps fans and musicians. Streaming platforms are growing rapidly and are attracting more and more people. This of course completely changes the way artists reach out to their fans and even how they make money.

Our other contribution to the ESNS Conference was about how machine learning can be put to good use in the music industry; Chordify being all about that, it was right up our alley! Bas talked about our chord recognition algorithm and the finer technical points of Chordify.

Supporting musicians and fans alike
If that wasn’t enough Chordify activity for one festival, we also had our glass-walled shipping container put right in the city center, where fans could play along with their favorite Eurosonic songs. Inside, we set up a comfy living room where we introduced people to a live demo of Chordify.

Inge van Calkar performing in the Chordify Container at the city square (picture: Tineke Klamer)

Aside from future musicians, we also did our very best to support the ones already performing at Eurosonic. As you may already know, we now have our own embedded player, which brings the Chordify awesomeness to other music platforms, festivals, and band websites. We think it’s very important to help promote artists, so that’s why we do it free of charge. Our new player also helps musicians connect with fans in a completely new way, because after all, isn’t a fan that plays along with your music the best fan ever?


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