How to use Chordify

How do you use Chordify?

Get your chords!
From anywhere within Chordify you can get the chords for any song. The “Chordify” dialogue allows you to do three things:

  1. Search the Deezer, SoundCloud or YouTube catalogues all at the same time. Just type the name of your favourite song or artist!
  2. Upload a music file from your computer.
  3. Paste a Deezer, SoundCloud or YouTube link in the search/URL field.

Chordify will then automatically extract the chords from the song and display them to you in a simple way. It’s like karaoke for your fingers!

Get your beats!

When you press play the song will start playing, with the cursor pointing out the current chord. If YouTube is used as the audio source, the video is played simultaneously. Every beat is represented by a square, and chord changes are denoted with chord labels. When the song is played, the cursor (a dark square) highlights the current beat position, telling you which chord to play at that position in the song. When a square does not contain a chord label, the previous chord is still sounding. The dark bars point out the bar lines of the song. Chords can be edited or downloaded as PDF or MIDI file.


The chord interface is designed to be intuitive, but we assume that you know what chord labels are. However, if you are learning to play guitar, ukulele or piano and you aren’t yet familiar with chord labels, you can press the “Diagrams” button in the tool bar.

Chordify will then show you how to play the chords of the song on guitar, ukulele or piano.

Get your loops!
You can navigate through the song by clicking on any of the squares. The music player will then jump to that position in the song, and playback from that beat on. Similarly, you can select a sequence of chords, and the selection will loop until you click the “ignore” or “remove” button.

Looping in Chordify

As well as the mouse, a keyboard can also be used to control playback: hitting the space bar will start or stop playback and the arrow keys can be used to move the cursor.

Library management
With library management you can add, delete, and rename songs in your library. To delete, hover your mouse over the video whilst in the Library. A number of icons will appear along the bottom (as displayed below), just click on the trash can icon to delete. To rename, hover your mouse over the song title until the pencil icon appears. Click on this to edit the song name and artists. (Note that if you click on on the pencil icon inside the video, this will open the Chord Editing feature). You can also favourite songs (by clicking on the heart symbol on the left) to highlight specific songs in your library.

It is easy to share a chordified track with other users: use the share button par (pictured above) or just copy the URL from the address bar, and paste it into a message to send to someone else. Personal music files cannot be shared with other users, hence Chordify cannot be used to redistribute music other than through streaming services like YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Chordify team is continuously striving to improve your Chordify experience. If something doesn’t work as you would expect it to, please contact us! We are actively working to make Chordify as good as possible, and we are always interested in user feedback.

Frequently asked questions

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Chordify is an online music service - made for and by music enthusiasts - that transforms any song into chords.

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