How to use chord edits

Editing your song

First of all, open the song you want to edit. This can be a newly chordified song or one that is already saved in your library or the archives.

Chordify chord editing

To start editing, just click on the edit icon, and this will put the window into editing mode. Now you’re ready to start editing! To come out of editing mode, just click on the chords or diagrams tab again.

Changing 4/4 to 3/4 Chordify automatically transcribes the chords into a 4/4 rhythm, but you can change it to 3/4 easily, simply by clicking on the 3/4 button on the tool bar. Click it again to change it back. Deleting a chord change Click on the chord change you want to delete. Chordify delete chord change Either press the delete key on your keyboard, or click on the trash can icon. Moving a chord Click on the chord you would like to move. Chordify move chord Either click on the arrow button to move the chord or use the Control (or Command if you are using OSX) and arrow keys on your keyboard to move the chord into the desired position.

Adding or replacing a chord Search chords - chord editingClick on the chord or the square where you would like to put the chord.

Either click on the pencil icon, or just start typing the name of the chord you want to add. For a flat sign, just type “b”, for a sharp, use the hashtag. Press the “Enter” button on your keyboard to save the change.

Copying and pasting multiple chords To copy several chords from one part of the song to another, simply select the section you want to copy and right click, then click on “copy”.

Then go to the first square where you want to insert the chords, right click again and then select the paste icon.

Entering a rest Click on the chord or square where you want to enter the rest. Click on the pencil icon, then type “~” or “n”.

Chordify - editing a rest

Press the “Enter” button on your keyboard to save the change. Correcting the bar lines Sometimes the automatic beat-tracker does not put the bar lines in the right place when the piece is chordified and you end up with something that looks like this:

Chordify chords offset

You can however, “shift” the chord sequence to align with the bar lines correctly. Just click on the arrow buttons next to “shift chords”.

Chordify - shift chords Downloading your edit When you download the song, all edits will be taken into account, so you will be downloading the version that you have created. Just click on the MIDI or PDF button as usual. Chordify download edit

Using the chord edit feature in conjunction with Chordify Premium

While the chord edit feature has been made available to both regular members and Chordify Premium subscribers, there are advantages to using the feature in conjunction with a Chordify Premium subscription. Playback Feature Chordify Premium allows you to play back the chords extracted at the same time as the music video, so you can pinpoint any errors in the chord sequence straight away, which saves time in the editing process. When it comes to changing the chords that you hear to be wrong, you can again play back the chords, and the playback feature will take your edits into account, so you can check instantly if the change you made is correct. Make sure that the chord playback feature is enabled by clicking on the “Enable chord playback” icon. Chordify - chord editing with chord playback Transposing chord sequences and adjusting speed With Chordify Premium, any edits that you make to the chord sequence will be taken into account when you use the transposition and change speed features. (Please note: Using the chord playback feature to play back transposed chords at the same time as the music video will result in discord, as the music video is not transposed.)

Switching between edited and automatically recognized chords

If you want to go back and see what the original chord sequence was, just click on the arrow next to “Edit by [name]” and select “Show original”.

To switch back, again click on the arrow next to “Original” and select “Show your edit”. Reset to original chords If you want to remove all your changes, just click on the “Delete” button. Chordify delete edit Please note that if you do this, you will lose all your changes as they will not be saved.

Sharing chord edits with a friend

After all your hard work, you may well want to spread the news! You can share your chord edits via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or e-mail by clicking on the sharing icons.

You can also just copy the URL from the address bar, and paste it into a message to send to someone else. Personal music files cannot be shared with other users, hence Chordify cannot be used to redistribute music other than through streaming services like YouTube and SoundCloud. Using someone else’s edit If someone shares an edit with you, you can copy it to your own library, where you can save it, or make further edits to it.

Click on the link you have been sent to open the song. Then click on the arrow to the right of “Edit by [name]”, then select “Copy this edit”.

The edit will be copied to your account, where you can continue to work on it yourself. The Chordify team is continuously striving to improve your Chordify experience. If something doesn’t work as you would expect it to, please contact us! We are actively working to make Chordify as good as possible, and we are always interested in user feedback.

Frequently asked questions

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