How to go Premium

Head over to the Go Premium page and then press the button “Go Premium”. Alternatively, on the Chordify page of the song you’re jamming along to, hover over the Premium tools in the right hand side of the toolbar above the chords and you will have the option to click on the link which appears: “Unlock these Chordify Premium features now!”

You’ll then have the chance to choose between Premium membership which allows you access to all Premium features for unlimited songs throughout the duration of your membership or pre-paid credits which grant you Premium features per song.

  • Yearly membership – Charges recur every year: you’ll be charged for the displayed amount once you subscribe and again every year, until you decide to cancel your subscription. A yearly subscription is cheaper in the long run!
  • Monthly membership – Charges recur every month: you’ll be charged for the displayed amount once you subscribe and again every month, until you decide to cancel your subscription.
  • Pre-paid credits – Choose between buying a Premium credit for 1, 5 or 10 songs. This is a one-off payment. You can choose to buy further credits when necessary.

Once you have chosen the Premium package you want, you’ll be directed to a new window to complete your payment. After payment is complete, you’ll be redirected back to your My Premium page. It might take a few moments for this page to update with the details of your new package.

Unlocking Premium features using pre-paid credits

If you are a monthly or annual subscriber, you don’t need to do anything special – just open your song and voilà! All the features in the tool bar are available for you to use.

For those of you, who have bought pre-paid credits, here’s how to use them!

Go to your library and open up the song you want to convert to Premium. Hover your mouse over the Premium tools on the right hand side of the toolbar above the chords and the following text will appear:

Click on this and then you will be asked to confirm that you want to use the credit.

Hit the confirm button and that’s it! All the Premium tools at your disposal for your chosen song.

Checking up on your credits

If you want to track how many credits you have used up, nothing could be simpler. Just click on the gear icon to the right of your user name and then select “My Premium” from the menu which appears.

This will take you to your credits page.

Running into problems?

The Chordify team is continuously striving to improve your Chordify experience. If something doesn’t work as you would expect it to, please contact us! We are actively working to make Chordify as good as possible, and we are always interested in user feedback.

Frequently asked questions

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