Good news for all you Apple fanboys and gals! We’ve just released version 1.2 of our Chordify iOS app last week. It’s sleek & slick, 10 times prettier, and we’ve completely redesigned the Discover Page. Go see for yourself and check it out. Chordify iOS App Update Sleek and strapping The new version still has all the features you know and love. Both the web version and mobile version communicate with each other as if they were supernatural twins with psychic powers. You chordify or favorite a song in one, it shows up in the other, and vice versa. Search the YouTube and SoundCloud catalogues, as well as the 4.7 million songs already chordified by good people just like you. And of course we’ve given her a little makeover, so she’s pretty as a picture! Chordify iOS App Curated content and more to come Looks ain’t everything, though. We’ve also completely redesigned the Discovery Page in the app. That means you can discover new and curated songs to your heart’s content on your iPhone or iPad, based on your own musical taste, and some featured songs we think you’ll also love. While you enjoy this version, we’ll be burning the midnight oil behind the scenes to bring more and more of the advanced and premium features of our web app to the iOS app. Enjoy it! Rate it! You don’t have to take our word for it, just go ahead and check out this beauty for yourself. And don’t forget to rate the app and tell us what you love about it, or if you’d like to see some improvements. We really appreciate your feedback, because we want you to love the iOS app just as much as our web app.

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