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You might already know that music is good for your brain. But how about your babies’? They may not be able to hold an instrument, but music definitely helps the development of your child. Moreover, toddlers like almost everything. You couldn’t wish for a better audience to demonstrate your singing technique, guitar skills or dance moves.

There is not an early enough time to start introducing music to your offspring. Lullabies are a great place to start, but there’s so much to discover. This article will list the most important positive effects of music on an infant’s development. Moreover we’ll provide some nifty tips for you to keep having a nice time as well.     


Feeling inspired? Check out the lovely songs for kids, provided by minidisco!

Songs for kids in English

Nederlandstalige kinderliedjes (Dutch)


Musik für Kinder auf Deutsch (German)

Musique pour les enfants en français (French)

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