We recently launched a much requested, kickass new feature for our iOS app, allowing you to take Chordify off the grid! With our new Offline Mode, you can now play along with all your favorite songs, wherever you are, be it on the road, the majestic outdoors or a polar expedition camp.

Making songs available for offline use is easy as pie. Simply select a song, tap on the options next to the heart icon, then tap on Add it to Offline Mode, and bam, you’re done! You won’t get the song playback of the YouTube, Deezer or Soundcloud video because of download restrictions, but you will get the Chord Diagrams, Chord Playback and the metronome, which is all you need to start rocking.

And that’s not all! As you might know, you can import and chordify your own Music Files as well. When adding your imported Music Files to Offline Mode you will get the song playback next to the Chord Diagrams, Chord Playback and the metronome! Find out more about other Chordify’s Hidden Features here.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app, pack your bags, drive into the sunset and start jamming.

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