The new year has barely started and it’s already awesome! First off, this whole month is Jamuary – which means prices and more. Next, coming week the biggest European music showcase festival, which we have been looking forward to all year, will take place: Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS). As if that’s not enough, we’ll also celebrate our b-day!  


We assume you made a list with your New Year’s resolutions. But, have you written “more jamming” on it? What! No? Well you can do that now. And the month of Jamuary is here to help you kickstart that goal.

Keep an eye on our blog this month to find out what this entails. Here’s a hint: there will be a lot of nice prices and giveaways that will encourage you in your jamming habits. So stay tuned!   

Eurosonic 2019 

Next week on January 16, the European music industry will gather in the northern parts of the Netherlands in the city of Groningen, for ESNS 2019. It going to be a party-filled week, and every corner of the city will be packed with music.

As media partner of ESNS, we’ll be doing some stuff as well. Our week will start on Tuesday, because we are nominated for a “Best innovation” award at the Northern Pop Gala. It goes without saying that we are very excited about this, and hope for the best.

Music & Tech Hideout / b-day

You can also find us at our very own Music & Tech Hideout. Where we serve drinks, snacks, awesome musical acts, and a chance to talk to music-and-tech-minded people. And it’s conveniently placed right next to pop-underground club VERA at the Oosterstraat 52.

We will organize Electrosonic on Thursday January 17. The party will start early at 5:00 p.m. and we booked four electronic acts, amongst which Alcuna Wilds (UK/NL) and Go March (BE). This is also our b-day, so we’ll all hang around after the party for a toast and drink.

Friday January 18 is our yearly Gado Gado Party. This is mainly for industry representatives to catch up with one another, have a drink, and dance a bit. This is closed gathering unfortunately, so invite only.

Chordify x Eurosonic Studio 

Did you think that was all? You thought wrong! There’s more. We will also be hosting live sessions in our very own Eurosonic studio. Together with our partner In de Kringloop (In the Thrift Store, IDK).

What to expect? Well, a lot. What about Nova TwinsWhispering Sons, and Lisa Morgenstern, to name a few. To get the full videos of the live session and interviews read keep an eye on our blog. If we don’t see you at ESNS, happy jamming!

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