Rapper Juice WRLD is only 19 years old and one of the first of his generation to address the elephant in the room; casualties of drug abuse. Last year rapper Lil Peep died from an accidental overdose. But the 21-year-old artist isn’t the only one to bite the dust after abusing substances. Too many legends left this world too early due to drug abuse, according to Juice WRLD.

Michael Jackson, Prince and Ike Turner are just a few examples of top-notch artists that died after intentionally or unintentionally taking drugs.

The track โ€œLean Wit Meโ€ by Juice WRLD is about them and, maybe more important, about the new generation that experiments with different kinds of substances like Xanax and Fentanyl.

Lean Wit Me

In his new video, released on August 2, we hear Juice WRLD’s message loud and clear: if you have a problem don’t be afraid to ask for help before it’s too late. The track starts off with a catchy guitar tune written in the key of E. We see the rapper talking about his problems in a meeting where the twelve steps (an addiction recovery program) are mentioned.

The video ends with Juice WRLD getting arrested after he calls the police telling them that his girlfriend has overdosed. The last shot shows the text: โ€œRIP to too many young legends that left us early. If you or somebody you know is suffering from addiction call 1-800-662-HELP to take the first step.โ€

Goodbye & Good Riddance

“Lean Wit Me” is a single from the rapper’s debut album Goodbye & Good Riddance, which you can check below. Juice WRLD released the record in March after which it reached number six in the Billboard 200. If you like jamming along with โ€œLean Wit Meโ€ also check out the rapper’s other singles โ€œLucid Dreamsโ€ and โ€œHate Meโ€ with Ellie Goulding. Happy jamming!

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