Are you someone who knows better than any machine? Good news! Now you have the ability to make your chord edits even more specific! We added a bunch of chord extensions to our list when it comes to editing chords. Bass players will also find this very handy!

John Legend – All of me

What’s new?

When you chordify a song, our algorithm will pick chords out of 24 basic chords–12 minor and 12 major. But as you might expect, this doesn’t always convey the musical nuances going on. That is why our beloved edit function allows you to make the chords that much more sophisticated. Where before it was already possible to use 7th chords, now we’ve added a load of additional extensions. For instance, John Legend’s hit All of Me has now been supplemented with chords you wouldn’t automatically see. Thanks to Dbmaj7, Bbm9 and Fsus2, the song gets more soul and flavor. Something John would surely applaud!

For whom are these new options meant?

This newly expanded ‘vocabulary’ is meant for the more advanced musician, who wants more than the simple chord progressions on which most pop music is based. Anybody who gets a kick out of complex chord progressions, harmonic nuances, juicy additions and who does not shy away from exotic chord extensions will see their Chordify horizons expand.

How do bass players benefit?

The most important new addition to the editing functionality is the option to add the bass note–beyond just the 2nd or 3rd inversion note. With this added functionality, you’ll see at a glance what notes to play under what chords. This is also beneficial for pianists to create progressions with proper voice leading for the left hand.

What’s next?

If you were to ask CEO Bas de Haas, he’ll tell you this was just the tip of the iceberg: “In the future we hope to be able to offer you chords that fit your level of playing. Another idea is to prioritize chords that you use more often over more standard chords. The options are endless, really.”

Please try this at home

Challenge yourself and tackle that F#maj7/A#, E7#9, or Bb7sus4! Another added benefit is that you’re at the same time training our algorithm, which in turn makes the chord experience for everybody else better as well. Happy jamming!

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