Mother Earth

Sing a song for the mother of all mothers. She’s been around forever, at least that’s what it feels like. Sometimes we take her for granted, and she always seems to forgive us for it in the end. So pick up your instrument, clear your voice, open up the Mother’s Day channel, and prepare for some hardcore serenading. Celebrate Mother Earth, she deserves it. And you’ll get a Mother’s Day badge, which is also pretty cool!

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Mother Earth – Within Temptation

Every genre has a serenade for Mother Earth, and oh yeah we have a few lined up. If melodic metal is your cup of tea you’re in for a treat. The chords for ”Mother Earth” by Within Temptation aren’t very hard if you’re an experienced piano, guitar, or ukulele player. As a matter of fact they’re pretty basic following the scale of C#m. 

As a beginner this could be pretty challenging, but don’t let this stop you from trying! In the end there’s only one way to get better, and that’s by jamming songs that are above your skill level. That being said you can also use the Transpose-tool to transpose the song one step up to Dm, which will provide you with way easier chord diagrams.

Mother Earth – Neil Young

Neil Young is known for his activism and fighting spirit that he loves to translate in his songs. In Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynnyrd doesn’t mention him for nothing. In ”Mother Earth” Neil Young he shows us how we sometimes treat the mother of all mothers. Our greed is damaging her, but she still feeds us.

When we look at this song’s chord progression we see a lot of basic triads, and by a lot we mean almost all of them. If you’re a guitar player this is your chance to jam along with a cool song that covers all the basics and has only two barre chords. For piano players this track is actually pretty easy to master. The ukulele lovers will have a bit more of a challenge, but with some practice everything is possible.

Revelation (Mother Earth) – Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne may be known as the Prince of Darkness, but when it comes to songwriting this guy is a genius in ballads. Believe it or not the Beatles are his greatest inspiration, and when you play along with the chords to Revelation (Mother Earth) you quickly find out why. 

Written in the key of E it explores a whole field of classical intervals and melodies. This song is definitely a track for the more advanced players. You’ll have to change the chords in a quick pass, and that in itself could be a finger breaker. Using the Transpose-tool could be a way to make your jam easier. Check out the chord diagrams if you set the track in G major.

Earth – Lil Dicky

As we pointed out in the beginning: every genre has a ballade for Mother Earth, even hip hop. It’s funny, ‘cause the song “Earth” by Lil Dicky doesn’t defer that much from the message that Ozzy, Neil Young, and Within Temptation is spreading: we have to cherish the mom of all moms.

A very simple message that is empowered by the simplicity of the chord progression. For this song you just need to play four basic chords, that’s it! Check it out, and sing it out loud while celebrating Mother Earth. Happy jamming!

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