Did you miss out on our Black Friday deal? No worries! Today is Cyber Monday, and we celebrate it in style. When you walk through the city streets at night, the neon lights illuminate the pavement. According to artists that identify with neon black or who have created a sonic representation of this neon shade, how does that sound? That’s what you’re gonna find out in this article.

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Lost in the City

If you want to drown in a sonic melancholia, just jam along with “Lost in the City” by Neon Black. The song takes you on a ride which is full of colors and sounds that will make you lose yourself in thought. This effect is created by the use of the almighty seventh chords. 

Neon Black has definitely found their own way of interpreting the fluorescent shades of the night. Seventh chords sound more open and dreamy, so it’s no coincidence that the musicians have chosen them for this composition. Want to know more about the theory behind this? Check out our music dictionary.

Neon Black

When we say neon, you say? “Black?” Uuuh… nice guess, but guess again, and now don’t try to please us. Okay let’s try again… We say neon. Did we hear you think “retro games” out loud? Oh yeah, you’re getting warm there. And that’s also what Bourgeoisie was thinking of when they were writing “Neon Black”

Just for the record, we didn’t actually ask Bourgeoisie what their intention was when they created this track, but within three seconds of synths and beats it’s kind of obvious, don’t you think? The driving rhythm and the gritty synthesizer lines give the impression that you’re flying in a black neon space chasing aliens. 

Bourgeoisie does all that with only three chords. Amazing! Check it out for yourself. If you’re a Premium member, just fool around with the Transpose feature to find chord shapes that are easy to play. It will change the key but the composition will still have the same musical intervals.

Midnight in L.A.

“Midnight in L.A.” by Black Neon is a great track if you want to expand your setlist with some shades of neon. The theme kind of overlaps with “Lost In The City” which we discussed earlier, but this time the approach is completely different… 

Or is it? Let’s take a closer look at the chord progression. We see five chords that create a certain vibe. One thing catches our eye right away – three of the five are seventh chords! There must be something in that seventh that artists tend to associate with this neon shade. Play along and see for yourself.

If you’re struggling with the chords on ukulele or piano, just transpose the song so you get easier chord diagrams. Playing on guitar? Use the Premium Capo feature on the third fret and see what happens to the diagrams. 

Neon Black by Bewitched As Dark

We wrap this article up with “Neon Black” by Bewitched As Dark, a track full of ambient synths and dark beats. For us personally, this sound is the first thing that came to mind when thinking of what this shade could sound like. If you’re into playing with digital production, listen closely.

As you can hear the whole song revolves around two basic triads – the Dm chord and the Bb chord. Isn’t it amazing that it only takes two triads to create an atmosphere that can trigger the listener to see a certain color? If this interval works, why not try out the Premium MIDI feature to download the chords file and play around in your DAW? Check our Black Friday channel for more inspiration.

Happy jamming!

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