You probably skip most of them because they drive you mad during your weekend binge sessions, opening credits of series. But there are exceptions. Some openings are accompanied by songs that stay with you, that you listen to on your way to school or work, that you want to learn to play on your instrument.

If the main theme of your favorite series settles itself in your mind, there’s only one thing you can do: learn to play it. We made a list with a couple of ditties that are perfect for this. Be aware that they aren’t particularly simple or easy, but a little bit of practice goes a long way.   


Whoever thinks of drug dealing, thinks of Pablo Escobar. And once you think of that name, the South-American vibes of the series’ theme song will soon fill your head. The dulcet tones of a samba guitar and the deep voice and poetic lyrics of Rodrigo Amarante make this a really catchy tune. 

Fun fact: you don’t know what he’s singing about when you don’t speak Spanish, obviously. Well, the lyrics are about love, passion, drinking, and a burning fire. The whole track doesn’t have anything to do with drugs or cartel business. Tip: the song contains some difficult chords, but you can simplify things by using the Chordify capo feature on the fourth fret. Jam along with the Narcos theme song here.  

The Punisher

Do you want something just as awesome, but with an easier chord scheme? Remember Frank Castle? Yeah, the ex-navy badass who’s not afraid of anyone. Who shoots, punches and cuts his way through the bad guys. Indeed, it’s “The Punisher.” This series also has a theme song that we just can’t get out of our head. 

Contrary to “Narcos,” this song is quite easy to play along. There are only two chords in the first part, and the closing part has three. Now listen to the plucking pattern and experiment a bit. It probably won’t take long before you’re playing this theme song. Get into the swampy vibes of ”The Punisher” soundtrack.

Sons of Anarchy

Now that we’re in a country mood, let’s capitalize on that and move on to the “Sons of Anarchy.” Just like Frank Castle, these guys are no sissies. And that attitude needs a tough guy main theme. One that fits perfectly whether you’re driving your car, bike, bicycle, tricycle or whatever. And it gets even better when you can play along with it. Check out the chords here.

Peaky Blinders

Have you had enough of the Americas? Do you want to cross the pond and jam to a theme from another continent? You can with “Peaky Blinders.” The story is based on the history of an existing gang that was active from the 1890s to 1930s. It has been beautifully romanticized by Netflix, but you probably knew this already. 

Did you also know that the theme song was written by no one other than Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds? Not as difficult as the “Narcos” track, but also not as easy as “The Punisher.” Try it out yourself and conquer the British underground with the theme song of “Peaky Blinders.” Happy jamming! 

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