Good news for everyone that likes new stuff. This year is starting off with tons of new music. Apart from the ESNS musical slipstream (and all the live sessions that come with it), January also produced a roaring amount of new albums. We will highlight eight of them.

From the skater-boy rascals of Rat Boy to the reunion of the Belgian rockers from Balthazar, to the experimental HEALTH, we pass by James Blake and move on to encounter the likes of Beirut, Kid Koala, and The Dandy Warhols. Here are some of the January and February new releases. Long live 2019!

Balthazar – Fever

Single: Fever
Release date: January 25
Chords: Bbm Ab Fm Eb Gb
Tip: Groovy chord scheme with a lot of knuckle-pleasing barre chords.  


Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic

Single: Mexican Dress
Release date: January 25
Extra: Live session at Welcome to the Village 
Chords: Fm Db Bbm Ab
Tip: Nice song for the electric-minded beginners among us. Don’t forget to check this beautiful acoustic live session!


Rat Boy – Internationally Unknown

Single: Chip On My Shoulder
Release date: January 25
Chords: G5 Db5 D5 Gm Gm/Db Gm/D
Tip: Simplify the verses by playing Gm throughout.


The Dandy Warhols – Why You So Crazy

Single: Be Alright
Release date: January 25
Chords: F C7 C G Dm D
Tip: Check out their home-recorded 360° video clip, and get a glimpse of the Dandys’ studio.


Beirut – Gallipoli  

Single: Landslide 
Release date: February 1
Chords: Bb F7 Gm7
Tip: Good practice for the rhythmically impaired pianists.


HEALTH – Vol. 4: Slaves Of Fear

Single: Slaves of Fear
Release date: February 8
Chords: F#m E C#m D Bm A Em/G Gm
Tip: Feel the noise.


Less easy to play along with, but absolutely worthwhile new releases:

Kid Koala – music to draw to : io

Single: Hera’s Song 
Release date: January 25


James Blake – Assume Form

Single: Mile High (feat. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin)
Release date: January 18

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