The brand-new albums are piling up again! Get cracking on your pop prowess with Kylie Minogue’s refreshing comeback album, Golden. Unleash your punk attitude with UK’s The Vaccines or spur your overdrive with Spanish girl band Hinds. Also, muchas gracias to The Boxer Rebellion, who are topping off the list with a beautiful balled to soothe our souls.

Happy jamming!

The Vaccines – Combat Sports

Release date: March 30th
Single: Night Club
Chords: Bm D G Em D/F# A
Tip: Skip to the chorus to practice some fast fingering.

The Boxer Rebellion – Ghost Alive

Release date: March 30th
Single: Here I Am
Chords: F Bb Dm
Tip: Easy learning, with only three chords.

Hinds – I Don’t Run 

Release date: April 6th
Single: The Club
Chords: C C/E F Am G#/E G/D G#/D# E G G# Fm
Tip: These chords may sound a bit unusual, but they are not that difficult.

Kylie Minogue – Golden

Release date: April 6th
Single: Stop me from Falling
Chords: Db Ab Bbm Gb
Tip: Try this on your Western guitar to get your audience line dancing, instantly.

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