The approaching summer brings along a killer wave of new music – and yes it’s HOT. Brace yourself for some brand new music by Pip Blom, Aurora, Santana, and Yeasayer.  

With the summer festival season getting rolling, it’s no coincidence that the releases are piling up these weeks. You can expect a lot of gigs from the artists releasing their albums at this point in time. Here’s where you might bump into them:

Santana is touring extensively in the US, sixteen shows in Las Vegas included. Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Aurora can be found in her home country as well as in the UK. Pip Blom is playing their debut album live at festivals all over Europe and the UK (check out the interview we had with Pip earlier this year). Yeasayer can be found in Canada, US, Europe, the UK and in… Mexico!

Aurora – A Different Kind Of Human  

Release date: June 7th
Single: The Seed
Chords: Cm Eb Gm Fm
Tip: Try all the knows and upgrade your sound-experiment skills!

Pip Blom – Boat

Release date: May 31st
Single: Ruby
Chords: Eb Dbdim Cm Ab
Tip: Ideal for releasing your most nonchalant lo-fi playing style.

Santana – Africa Speaks

Release date: June 7th
Single: Yo Me Lo Merezco 
Chords:E A B7 D A
Tip: The perfect song to practice your improvisation, together with San himself.

​Yeasayer – Erotic Reruns

Release date: June 7th
Single: I’ll Kiss You Tonight 
Chords: B F# G#m B C#m
Tip: How tight is your playing? Put it to the test with Yeasayer.

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