Hype hype hooray! The debut album from Superorganism is finally here. This is an absolute favorite for the festival season this summer. Next to this newcomer, also a lot of old-timers with new releases. Talking Heads front man David Byrne is making a comeback (his latest release dates from 2012 already). Moby makes an appearance with a poetic and profound record. At age 77 folk legend Joan Boaz is busy with her worldwide farewell tour. Whistle Down the Wind will be her last record, for now. Happy jamming!

Superorganism – Superorganism

Release date: March 2nd Single: Everybody Wants To Be Famous Chords: Bb Gm F Tip: The ideal song to try out your most outlandish effects.

Moby – Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt

Release date: March 2nd Single: This Wild Darkness Chords: D Am G Tip: Nice song to practice your plucking skills.

Joan Baez – Whistle Down the Wind

Release date: March 2nd Single: Whistle Down the Wind Chords: Bb F Cm7 Eb C7 Gm Tip: Tom waits co-authored the title song from Whistle Down the Wind.

David Byrne – American Utopia

Release date: March 9th Single: Everybody’s Coming To My House Chords: C#m A/C# B/C# F#m B E G#m Tip: Great song to practice your barre grip.

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