New features in the Chordify app for Android? That’s right! We continue to develop so that you can focus on growing musically. Below we highlight two new features that you will find in Chordify version 2.2.0 for Android. 

Import files from your library

First off, we’ve added a feature that allows you to upload tracks and music files from your system’s library into the Chordify app. Let’s say you’ve just recorded a song with your band and want to know what key it is actually written in; just import it and find out. Also, it’s great for playing along with tracks that aren’t on YouTube or Soundcloud.

Export PDF and MIDI files

Viewing your songs as PDF or MIDI files is easier to manage and to find on your phone. You can find your downloaded songs right away via “My Files” under “Downloads.” Very handy if you have forgotten “that one song” you saved last week and want to jam along to during your lunch break.

All in all, this new version of Chordify makes your music experience a lot easier and hopefully more fulfilling. Happy jamming!

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