We are extremely excited about the upcoming releases. There’s some sweet and sour from Lana Del Rey, with her depri pop, but also some light Norwegian sunrays from Sigrid. While the guys from Dream Theater help us with the heavy lifting. Furthermore, we have Finn Andrews (frontman of The Veils) to even out our listing experiences with his heartfelt piano ballads.

New music from the Chordify community  

New in this new album blog is the segment where we ask you to send in your own songs. Are you making music, and do you want to present your new hit? Listen up. We come across so much beautiful material that isn’t supported by a phat deal with a record label. So, we want to do something to support those lesser-known-but-still-very-good artists, by calling attention to them in our blog.

Send us your new music and we’ll put it in the limelight

How does it work?

  1. Send an e-mail to jorine@chordify.net with a link (not a file) to your new song. Note that we are not asking for complete albums and no old songs.
  2. It goes without saying that the material has to be your own or that of your band.
  3. The editorial staff will listen closely to the submissions and select the one that they find most suiting for the upcoming blog.
  4. Maybe you’ll be put in the limelight of our next new album blog!

The symbolic first submission is by our own homebrewed Car Pets. Of which the drummer is Chordify’s co-founder and CTO, Tijmen Ruizendaal. They will release their new album this Friday, which is why we pay special attention to their single “Concrete Corner.”

So grab this chance and send in your new single! Happy jamming :)

Dream Theater – Distance Over Time

Single: Fall Into The Light  
Release date: February 22
Chords: Em, Dm, Am, Cdim, Gm, A#, D#, Fm, C, F#dim, Fmaj7, Fmaj7, G, Esus4, E, Am/G, A#maj7/F, Dm/E, E/G#, Bm, C#, F, D  
Tip: Take your time, this song isn’t only next-level, it’s arguably end-level.

Sigrid –  Sucker Punch

Single: Sucker Punch
Release date: March 1 
Chords: D, C, Am7, G, Em7
Tip: Don’t just sit down, switch to simplified chords and jump around when you play this. 

Finn Andrews – One Piece at a Time

Single: One by the Venom
Release date: March 15 
Chords: Am, G, F, E7
Tip: Extensive New Zealand tour in March and April. 

Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell

Single: hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it
Release date: March 29 
Chords: Am, G, D, C, Em, D/F#
Tip: Good opportunity to practice a somewhat complex chord, the D/F#.

New music from the Chordify community: Car Pets – Patio

Single: Concrete Corner
Release date: March 1
Chords: B7sus4, A, B, E, A#, D, Bsus4
Tip: Watch the entrancing video clip while you’re playing this, and mind the strumming pattern.  


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