It’s Black Friday! This means only one thing, doesn’t it? Yup, epic deals for awesome peeps. Did you check out our Premium offer? It’s mind-blowing, guaranteed. We’ve taken the blackness of this Friday to the next level: pitch black. Just like the musicians in the songs below. Keep reading for more inspiration, or take a look at our Black Friday channel.

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Pitch Black by Heart Attack Man

“Pitch Black” by Heart Attack Man is possibly one of the darkest songs in mainstream punk. If you’d listen to the track without the lyrics it sounds nice and up-tempo. The vocal melody is bright and uplifting. Once you hear the lyrics, this whole thing turns dark as this pitch Black Friday.

When we take a look at the chord progression, we see a lot of chords. One thing’s for sure: these are not your average beginner triads. So if you play the guitar, just check out the Premium Capo feature on the fourth fret. Is ukulele or piano your instrument? Use the Transpose feature to transpose the key from F# to G. Easy does it!

Deathloop soundtrack

“Pitch Black” by Sencit & Lady Bird is one of the songs you can hear on the Deathloop game soundtrack. It’s a pretty neat piece of music that reminds us of the James Bond era in which Shirly Bassey songs ruled the sound of the franchise. “Pitch Black” has that old school soul vibe, which is also reflected in the chord progression.

Once again, here’s an opportunity for guitarists to play around with the Capo feature, and for piano- and ukulele players to try using the Transpose feature. If you struggle with a certain part we suggest you try out the Loop feature, so you can practice a few bars until you get the hang of it.

Electric Earth Pt I 

Just like in our previous article on the sound of black space, the track “Electric Earth Pt I” by Pitch Black shows that a musician can color the auditory canvas with just a few chords. As you can hear in this song, the term “pitch black” – the artists’ name – is very spacey and rhythm driven.

If you use the MIDI Premium feature, you can download the chord progression in MIDI and use it in your DAW to try to play around with some sounds. Our BPM feature shows you the beats per minute, so use that knowledge to your advantage. 

It’s All Real

The track “It’s All Real” by the rap group Pitch Black is another example of how you can use a loop to create a vibe. In this case, it’s the funky soul beat that does the trick. Looking back at our interview with producer Deejay Irie in which he explains how he uses Chordify for songwriting, we suggest you try out the MIDI tool to catch the vibe from the chord progression. How? 

Well, as Deejay Irie says: “I download the MIDI file and use it as a fundament for a composition, or I transpose it to another key. Because it’s MIDI you will never recognize the old song in it, since I use different instruments to play the chord progression. In short: the vibe of the track is there, but the way it is presented is brand new and totally me.” Go for it. If you’re not a Premium user, grab that Black Friday deal today. 

Happy jamming! 

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