To be honest, we can’t even remember our last dull moment here at Chordify. Over the past couple of years, we’ve had our nose to the grindstone delivering the ultimate musical experience from behind our computer screens, but we work hard at staying in tune with the exciting world of live music-making too! So that’s why we’re thrilled about our latest partnership with the biggest, baddest travelling festival Holland has ever seen, appropriately named Popronde (Dutch) or roughly translated: The Pop Rounds.

14454582223de08d882a24c0d3ca975ce0f5ceafac_Lakshmi(Lakshmi – picture by Kim Balster)

1442996041873adef0f5cc7b778a9f1245de1af512_TheHomesick(The Homesick – picture by Kim Balster)

Now, we’re assuming you love discovering new bands as much as you love shredding all of your favourite tracks. We sure know we do! This festival showcases new and as yet unknown bands from all over the country. A whopping grand total of 120 bands have been selected by music experts from OOR Talent, 3v12 Talent, 3FM Serious Talent and Never Mind the Hype to tour 38 cities in only two months!

1442996046e5ec3ef0f883264e2f4eb3d49a56fb7a_Yakumo (Yakumo – picture by Kim Balster)

144299604430854c28ee520759568392ea1d203f8e_TheBrahms(The Brahms – picture by Kim Balster)

Seeing as Popronde has launched the careers of so many great new acts over the last few years, like John Coffey, Blaudzun and Go Back to the Zoo to name just a few, we decided we just had to get in on the fun with this new generation of musical madness. Chordify and Popronde have embarked upon an exciting collaboraton to ensure you can dive right in and start learning all the amazing tunes of these soon-to-be superstars! We have equipped an exclusive selection of tracks with our sweet Chordify-button on the Popronde site, so you can instantly start playing along! On we’ve launched a designated partnership channel where you’re able to find all of these great bands in one place. Popronde will be touring through Holland until the 28th of November. So if you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to check out all of the amazing new talent over at one of the Popronde locations near you! And if you can’t make it to one of the shows, don’t worry! You’ll be able to look them up whenever you want on our very own Discover page!

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