Chordify is perfect for playing along with your favorite songs on piano, guitar, or ukulele. You search for a song and we show you the chords: that’s the deal. But since you’ve been bugging us about lyrics, here’s the thing: what if we told you that you can also sing along with your favorite tracks? 

Aha, now we have your attention! Because what’s better than having your cake and eating it too, or as we like to say: jamming to chords and sing along with them too … What we’re about to unveil is not a new Chordify feature. It’s just something that has been out there all along, waiting to be discovered. And yes, of course, we also made a Sing-Along Channel to give you a little taste. 

Note before we get started

Keep in mind that the methods we discuss below are a hack of the system, and we can’t guarantee that it will work for every song. Challenges you could encounter are lyrics that are too small to read, or just not available for the tracks you’re looking for. We suggest you use a big screen to tackle this and not your phone. That being said, let’s get this karaoke party started!


Here’s the thing, most artists put their blood, sweat, and tears into their lyrics. Yes, even hardcore dudes like Sick of It All, who deny the tears. Good for them, right? But eyes on the price here! Learning to play a song is one thing, learning to sing along at the same time is … twice as nice. Wouldn’t you agree?

“If you want to sing along with a song just enter the keywords ‘lyric video’ or just ‘lyrics’ in front of the song title or artist name when you search in Chordify”

We could say that the lyrics are kind of the soul of a song and that the chords make those lively and nice. So the melodies and chords bring the words to life, but when you don’t know what to sing it’s hard to get a track to reach its full potential.

Lyrics videos

Truth is a lot of artists want you to know what they’re singing. To give you a hand they just show you the words in their videos. A recent example are the lyrics and chords of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow.” 

So in short, if you want to sing along with a song just enter the keywords “lyric video” or just “lyrics” in front of the song title or artist name when you search in Chordify. This way you’ll get different search results which can make your jam experience a lot more fun.

For example, say you need the Celine Dion chords to sing “My Heart Will Go On” for your mom at six o’clock in the morning, but you only know the chorus. Well, you now know what to do right? Same goes for the “Imagine” by John Lennon chords and lyrics. Don’t forget, we also made a sing-along channel. Try it out and thank us later. Happy jamming!

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