In March we launched the Stay at Home and Jam channel. With this list of songs we tried to lift your spirits and give you the chance to jam as often and as long as you like to some awesome tracks without any restrictions. Since the second wave of COVID-19 is flushing the world, we decided to expand this list of songs. In other words: stay at home, stay safe, stay jamming!

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Stay at home and jam channel

We added about fifteen tracks to our Stay at Home and Jam channel. Below you’ll find a little taste of what’s new. As we already mentioned: there are no restrictions to this channel. So as long as you play these songs, you’ll enjoy all the Premium benefits even if you’re a regular user. Enjoy!

Strong – London Grammar

“Strong” by London Grammar is a track that’s kind of fitting the situation at the moment. We’ve got to keep it together, stay strong, and be patient. There’s a lot of stuff that the universe can throw at us, but we can throw some stuff back. “Like what?”, you ask. How about a slow jam like this.

Here’s a little tip if you’re a beginner: since you have all the Premium tools at hand, just transpose the song from F to D and enjoy the easier looking basic triads. It’s a simple trick that will save you a lot of headaches in the future. Just don’t forget to adjust your vocals three half steps.

I Got You – James Brown

Need some inspiration to uplift your mood?  What better way to do so than by playing some funky tunes and chords. “I got you (I feel good)” by James Brown is a good place to start. Not only because almost everyone knows this song, but also because it will really put a smile on your face. Just shout it out loud: “Oh…. I feeeeeel good!”

The funk classic contains only four chords. These are not your average basic triads, but they come close enough. For intermediate players, this is a great way to practice your seven chords, and for beginners it’s the perfect moment to learn them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Staying Alive – BeeGees

We really got to. “Got to what?” Keep “Staying alive” of course! This BeeGees classic is the ideal follow-up track in your setlist after James Brown. Man, you got to take pictures of those faces of your friends and family when you kick out these groovy jams. Like all sing-alongs, this song has got it all.

If you’re a beginning guitar player, these chords may seem a bit difficult. So here’s another trick you can use: place the Capo-tool on the third fret and let your mind be blown. The tough looking chords will become the familiar triads you’re used to.

Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim

So what is your weapon of choice? Is it the axe, the keys, or the little vicety uku? Whatever it is, here are some cool chords. “Weapon of choice” by Fatboy Slim isn’t the first song that comes to mind when you want to enrich your setlist, but that’s why this is a pretty cool track to try jamming on.

Save this one for a rainy day, because the chord progression is pretty varied. Since this is an electronic track, you’ll also have to figure out how you can preserve the soul of the song, while giving it that analog twist. Pretty nice challenge, right? Yup, we thought so too. Again, knock yourself out with the Premium features, and use the transpose-tool to get some play-friendly chords. Stay safe, stay jamming!

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