It’s getting hot in here! Time to turn on the airco and keep it cool with the songs that will definitely get your summer vibes on. We’ve selected five tracks from our Summer Songs channel, so if you just can’t get enough after reading this blog post, you know where you can get more.

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Lucky3d – Keep It Cool

A wise man once said: “75% is keeping your head cool, the other 25%, you’ll figure it out.” If you really want to know who spoke these words, we’ll not keep you guessing. It was Sam Kass, the chef cook for the Obama’s in the White House. It all doesn’t matter that much actually, since the message is pretty clear: don’t panic, and keep on going.

That’s pretty good advice when it comes to playing the chords for “Keep It Cool” by Lucky3d. This hip hop track written in the key of Cm has some fun chords when it comes to guitar and ukulele. You might even call it a finger breaker. Once you’ve practiced long enough, it will seem a whole lot easier though. And besides that… It will definitely make you feel cool. That’s a promise.

Nick Colionne – Keeping It Cool

Now that we’re on the subject of finger-breaking chords: “Keeping It Cool” by Nick Colionne is going to make your fingers ache if the strings are your weapon of choice. Here’s a little pro tip on the house: Place the Capo tool on the third fret, this way the chord diagrams will change into more friendly finger positions. This goes for guitar and ukulele. Peeps on the keys are again lucky. Add this track to your summer vibes setlist and enjoy the cool jazz breeze. 

Eve Boswell – Keeping It Cool With Lemonade

If you’re into jazz, but still want to play it safe with basic chords, “Keeping It Cool With Lemonade” by Eve Boswell is the right song for you this summer. 50% of the fiddle is pure basic triads, the other half is your gym for barre chords if you’re a guitar player. 

Before you start playing, just pour yourself a nice cold glass of lemonade, and get a bucket of ice for your fingers while you’re at it. To be hones,t the chords aren’t that hard, but the song might take you a bit off balance since the first verse uses other chords than the second. But hey, it’s jazz, the genre kind of demands it.

Deadboard – Keeping Cool

Alright, alright, alright, no more jazz stuff from here on! Want to practice your power chords? “Keeping Cool” by Deadboard is your go-to track. This song is basically built on just three power chords, and yeah from time to time the band uses a third one, but that’s just to spice things up.

So if you really want to keep it cool, play this track… Oh wait, don’t! Because the energy is so tight it will make you sweat a lot. On the other hand, once you’re sweaty you cool down faster. Dilemmas, dilemmas… Just jam and see for yourself.  

Liquid TV – I Just Want To Be Cool

For a mixture between basic chords and some easy barre chords “I Just Want To Be Cool” by Liquid TV is an awesome song. It has the best of both worlds, and not only when it comes down to chords. The track combines some classic indie rock sound with raw punky vibes. If you really want to be cool, you’ll add this gem to your setlist. Enjoy and as always, happy jamming!

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