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Check out the new Chordify app for Android!

This just got in! The new Chordify app for Android is out! “Wait, what? Didn’t you guys have an Android app already?” Yes, you’re right. But this is an even newer version with many extras and adjustments. Now you can learn to make music even more efficiently while enjoying all the comforts.

What’s new about the Chordify app? That’s what we’re going to tell you in detail. Buckle up, because it’s quite a lot.


Can’t find the singer-songwriter you recently heard playing in the pub on Spotify but did they upload their songs to Soundcloud? No problem, just look up the songs in Soundcloud and play them via the Chordify app! Use the Android app to play along with tracks from your favorite artists on Soundcloud. 

Do you happen to be that artist? This is your chance! Promote your work and make sure people learn to play your music via the Chordify app. The more followers playing your tracks, the bigger your fan club gets. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by and install the Chordify Android app to use this new feature.

Tracks Upload

In the Chordify iOS app, you can upload new tracks in your app and play along with them. At the moment, the Chordify application for Android works a bit different. When you upload songs to your Library via your account on your pc or Mac, you can play along via the app. That’s really nice because it couldn’t be done before!

Metronome and Chord Playback

Of course it’s great if you get all the chords with your favorite track, but of course you also want to know in what kind of rhythm and at what tempo you have to play them. Instead of guessing, you can now simply turn on the metronome tool. It clearly shows when you have to strike which chord. In addition, with the chord playback function you can now also hear how this chord sounds.

Click on a triad and watch what happens. You hear a clear representation of the chord. For example the G. Very handy if it goes too fast, or you can’t hear clearly what kind of chord is being played because of the sound effects that are used. If you still can’t hear it right, we also added a volume control for both metronome and chord playback. Now you can turn the loudness of the song down and one of the tools up. Pretty handy.

Transpose songs

Sometimes you have songs that sound very easy and then suddenly you see all these Bb, F# and Abm chords in front of you in the app. What do you do? Often this is due to the tuning of the guitar in the song. When a track is in Eb, it means that the band is tuned one semitone lower. Something that happens a lot in grunge and metal tracks.This can be easily solved with the transpose tool. You can see in which key a song is written and you can transpose tones up or down. Do this until you find a chord progression that is convenient to you.


Another thing you can do when a song is written in a key that you find difficult is to use the capo tool. The capo is a clamp with which you flatten all strings in a certain position. What you actually do is shift the ridge (top of the guitar neck). By applying the capo- or the transpose tool you keep the intervals between the chords, while you have a more accessible chord progression. Try it out for yourself on the new app, don’t forget to place your real-life capo after you’ve found a good position for it.

Faster, slower or in a loop? Whatever you want!

Imagine you are playing along with a song and suddenly everything is going so fast that you feel overwhelmed. No problem! In the new app, you can speed up or slow down the track. Once you have mastered the chord progression, but you still need some practice turn on the loop tool. The loop tool helps you rehears a specific part of a track. This allows you to set the number of bars you want to repeat. Very handy if you want to learn a song part by part. First you play the verse ten times in a row and then you go to the chorus and the bridge. Whatever you want, it’s all possible with this new function.

Sheet music as it should be

Are you going to a cabin in the woods for the weekend where there is no wifi, or are you just old school? It doesn’t matter, because with the export tool you can simply download the chords of your favourite songs in PDF files. So you can read them from all your devices without having to log on to internet, or you can just print them out. Can it be any easier? Probably not. Download the new Android app here – Happy jamming!

Releasing the Android app: an interview with design master Dean

Dean and the team at Hiro worked for months on the long awaited Android app. The long hours paid off, because now everyone can download the freshly brewed app for free! But what preceded the release? We asked Hiro’s product designer Dean Janssen about his experiences.

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How did the developing process go?

“Compared to an iOS app, developing an Android app is quite challenging. There are so many more devices that can potentially work with the app. With the iOS app you only have to consider a handful of iPhone models. That means that the testing for Android is far more extensive.”

How do you look back on making the app?

“Because of the strong demand it was very tempting to start shipping in an early stage. But I’m happy that we took enough time to do a sufficient amount of beta testing. It may have taken a little longer, but now that everything is running stable, we can launch the app with confidence.”

What are you most proud of?

“Above all that it has become a true Chordify app. Whether people use the iOS version, or the Android version, the ease-of-use stands out. Apart from some minor adjustments specific to Android, the apps are very similar.”

What do you hope the app will do?

“I’m mainly curious there will be differences in how people use the Android app or the iOS app. Which app do people use longer and more often? Will they be using the app on different locations and different moments? For example, with our previous apps, we could clearly see that iOS users got out of bed earlier, and that Android users stayed up later. It’s fun to observe stuff like that.”

Download the app here. Happy jamming!

Dean Janssen – product designer at Hiro 

Hot off the press: the Android app is ready to go

Finally, there it is. We proudly present the long awaited Android app! After intense testing (thanks to the testers for your help) the freshly coded Android app is ready for take-off. So grab your phone, download the app and start jamming.

Good things come to those who are patient. Hiro, the company that has also developed the iOS app, is very happy with the result. “Due to the strong demand for the Android app, it was very tempting to start shipping quickly. I am happy that we took enough time for beta testing. Now there is a solid app that we can launch with confidence.” Said Dean Janssen, Product Designer at Hiro.

Gijs Bekenkamp, co-founder of Chordify, is also excited about the new app: “with this release we hope to better serve the millions of Android users out there. We are very proud and we hope that people think it was worth the wait. The next step will be to make all the premium features available on Android.”

Download the app here. Happy jamming!