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Shine around the campfire with these tracks in D major – chord of the week

Have you checked out our Instagram account? That’s where, if you follow us, we’ll update you weekly with a ‘chord of the week.’ This week is all about the D major. Read below to find five tracks that are based on this chord. Ideal for a rock circle around the campfire.

Everybody knows the D major, right? Yes, we’re talking about the inverted triangle-shaped chord played on the G, B and high E string. This chord sounds clear, cheerful and fresh. It is often a good addition to songs written in the keys G, C or A minor. This week the D major is not an addition, but at the center of attention.

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

When everyone’s cuddling up at the campfire, it’s always good to include some old-school tracks in your repertoire. How about Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. The song consists of the four basic chords G, C, D and E minor. It’s ideal for novice guitarists and a guaranteed success. Who can stay quiet during the bridge: “Jalalalalalaaaladida, brown eyed girl!” No one, of course. Start practicing.

No Woman – Whitney

For the more advanced beginner it’s important to practice the basic chords as well as the more difficult barre handles. A song like No Woman by the band Whitney is perfect for this kind of training. In this track we find the well-known open chords E, Em, A, D and G. The challenge lies in the B and the B minor. Both chords are a barre grip. The only difference is the third. If you look closely you can see the resemblance between the Am and the A, only now played two frets higher. Try it out.

Let Her Go – Passenger

Did you know that British singer songwriter Michael David Rosenberg played in a band called Passenger? After the band fell apart in 2009, Rosenberg decided to keep the name for his solo project. Under that name he released the track Let Her Go in 2012. The song was in the top three of the Billboard charts for months. It’s a track that fits in every summer jam. Like Whitney’s song, Let Her Go is composed almost entirely out of basic chords, with the exception of B.

Mamma Mia – Abba

The Swedish heroes are back. Celebrate this cheerful news with an Abba jam. How about grooving to the song Mamma Mia from 1975. Although the track initially sounds bombastic, the basis is just  piano and guitar. We can reduce the core to just a few chords: D, G, A and C. As you can see here, there are also a number of lesser known chords in the track. This is a good opportunity to try them out.

Time to Pretend – MGMT

If you want to score a big hit, keep it simple. This motto certainly applies to MGMT. Time to Pretend is the shining example of this. When you look at the chord scheme you’ll immediately notice how the song evolves around the D, G and A, with a little exception in the bridge where the band plays an F-sharp minor. Because of the quick alternation of chords, this song is a good exercise for both beginning and advanced guitarists. Happy jamming!

New albums by MGMT, Django Django, Justin Timberlake and more

The new albums releases are piling up these last weeks. Here are some of the songs from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, MGMT, Django Django, Justin Timberlake, Turin Brakes and Shame. Beautiful, rock ‘n roll, poppy, bold or just sensitive—there are enough reasons to reach for your favorite instrument. And like Arnold Schwarzenegger would say: “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” So happy jamming!

MGMT – Little Dark Age

Release date: Februari 9th
Single: When You Die 
Chords: Bm G F#m F Em E A D F#/A# A/C#
Tip: Play along with guitar or keys or vice versa.

Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods

Release date: Februari 2th
Single: Man of the Woods
Chords: C F G G# D# A#
Tip: Play along with this happy tune for instant happy feelings.

Django Django – Marble Skies

Release date: January 26th
Single: Surface to Air
Chords: Am Dm G C F Em E D
Tip: Perfect song for trying out new synth effects.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Wrong Creatures

Release date: January 12th
Single: Echo
Chords: D A G Bm
Tip: Play along with this beautiful and easy song. Perfect for beginners.

Shame – Songs of Praise

Release date: January 12th
Single: One Rizla
Chords: A F#m Gmaj7 Dmaj7 D Em Bm
Tip: Play along because of these lyrics: “Well I’m not much to look at And I ain’t much to hear But if you think I love you You’ve got the wrong idea”

Turin Brakes – Invisible Storm

Release date: January 26th
Single: Don’t Know Much
Chords: D D7 G C B7 A Csus2
Tip: Nice material to impress your Valentine.