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New albums by Mark knopfler, Mumford & Sons, Rosalía and Thomas Azier

A nestor with some new sounds, a group of skillful festival adepts, and two promising newcomers. This month’s new releases are by Mark Knoplfer, Mumford & Sons, Rosalía and Thomas Azier.   

Mark Knopfler – Down The Road Wherever  

If you like the comforting guitar sounds of the Dire Straits, then you probably also like Mark Knopfler. This is already the ninth solo album by the frontman of the Dire Straits, and it’s coming out on November 16. Knopfler recorded the songs at his own British Grove Studio in West London.

Release date: Nov 16 
Single: Good On You Son 
Chords: Eb, Cm7, Ab, Bb, G, F/A, Gm7, F, Cm
Tip: Great song to improvise on!

Mumford & Sons – Delta

We’ll stay in London for a bit, because Mumford & Sons are releasing their fourth album. The seasoned festival act recently announced their mega plans for touring the US, Canada, and Australia. Come spring they’ll be returning to Europe, where they will be the headliner at Rock Werchter, Belgium.

Release date: Nov 16
Single: If I Say
Chords: Dm, C, Bb, Gm7, F/A, Am, C/E, Gm
Tip: Great for practicing some standard barre positions.

Rosalía – El Mal Querer

She arrived out of nowhere at number one as most-played song in the world: Spanish super talent Rosalia. And her second album is getting one good review after the other.  

Release date: Nov 2
Single: Malamente
Chords: Cm/D# Dm6 D5 Bdim Cm
Tip: Try it on your synth or your Spanish guitar

Thomas Azier – Stray

Then there’s also a brand-new synth-pop album by Thomas Azier. Born in the Netherlands, musically raised in Berlin and Paris, and steadily building a many-sided repertoire. He already released an EP with the title Stray, and now his upcoming album will bear the same name.

Release date: Nov 23
Single: White Horses
Chords: C5, Db5, Gm, Fm, Cm, Ab
Tip: Adds a touch of drama to your jam sessions.

New albums by Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Eminem and Iron and Wine

We’re quite sure that Sir Paul McCartney has a lot more on his mind than carpool karaoke. The former Beatle is releasing his long-awaited new album Egypt Station. Lenny Kravitz is also joining the ranks with a fresh batch of compositions, just like Eminem and Iron and Wine. This pretty diverse ensemble guarantees playing pleasure. So enjoy!

Paul McCartney – Egypt Station

Release date: 7 September
Single: Fuh You
Chords: F C Am G Dm Em Gsus4
Tip: Still touring the world. You can see the legend, for instance, in Japan.

Lenny Kravitz – Raise Vibration

Release date: 7 September
Single: Low
Chords: Abm7 Ebm7
Tip: Just two chords with fancy names, that are actually quite easy to play.

Iron and Wine – Weed Garden

Release date: 31 August
Single: What Hurts Worse 
Chords: C F G Dm C/E D/F# Am Gm
Tip: Frontman Sam Beam designed the artwork for this album himself.

Eminem – Kamikaze

Release date: 30 August
Single: Lucky You (Feat. Joyner Lucas)
Chords: Bbm Ebm6 F Ebm Gb/Eb Bbm/Eb F7 Gb/Bb
Tip: Check out this duet with Ed

New albums by Rick Astley, Ariana Grande, Ty Segall and more

Two new marvels from California: all-round instrumentalist Ty Segall is only thirty-one years old, and already has countless album titles to his name. In a collaboration with White Fence he supplements this list with a new paragon in musicality. The Internet stirs things up with a powerful dose of neo-funk on their album Hive Mind. On the other side of the Atlantic we find many British artists with new songs. Ariana Grande, Florence + The Machine and the one and only Rick ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Astley, are dominating the list of releases. Miles Kane wrote the first single of his Coup de Grace together with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey. In conclusion, there’s enough music and fresh chords to tryout and play along to. Happy jamming!

Ariana Grande – Sweetener

Release date: July 20 Single: No Tears Left To Cry Chords: Am G F C Dm Tip: Cover this song as a piano ballad or punk it up with some power chords on you electric guitar.

Rick Astley – Beautiful Life

Release date: July 13 Single: Beautiful Life Chords: Bm E F#m A G# F# B Tip: You can also play his legendary Never Gonna Give You Up, for nostalgia’s sake.

The Internet – Hive Mind

Release date: July 20 Single: Come Over Chords: Bbm7 C7 Fm7 Abm7 Db7 Tip: Ideal to practice your funk hand!

Ty Segall and White Fence – Joy

Release date: July 20 Single: Body Behavior Chords: C D# C# F A# D Tip: Fast chord alterations in the verses, try to keep up!

Miles Kane – Coup de Grace

Release date: August 10 Single: Loaded Chords: C G Am Em F Tip: Catchy chorus with easy chords – what else do you want?

Florence + The Machine – High as Hope

Release date: June 29 Single: Big God Chords: Dm A# C Am Tip: Check the video clip, where Florence displays her amazing dancing skills.

New albums by Arctic Monkeys, DMA’s, Beach House and Pennywise

Many fans have been anticipating the new album of the Arctic Monkeys for months. The sixth album of the Sheffield-based rockers was not preceded by a single-release, which possibly heightened expectations even further.  

While some bands (Pennywise!) sound familiar, others steer into a new direction entirely, like Alex Turner and associates with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Furthermore, the Australian band DMA’s is releasing a second album, and the pop sensation Beach House is also back with a dreamy vengeance. Happy jamming!

Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Release date: May 11th
Single: Four Out of Five
Chords: Am F A Em G Cm Gm Fm C#m C#m7 B G# F#7 A#m7 Cmaj7
Tip: Forget everything you knew about this band and listen with a fresh pair of ears.

Pennywise – Never Gonna Die

Release date: April 20th
Single: Never Gonna Die 
Chords: Db5 E5 Gb5 Eb5 Db A5 B5 Ab5 B
Tip: Turn up the volume, tap the overdrive, and go #punksnotdead.

DMA’s – For Now

Release date: April 27th
Single:  In the Air 
Chords: A C#m Bm7 F#m E Dmaj7
Tip: Also suited for your acoustic guitar.

Beach House – 7

Release date: May 11th
Single: Dark Spring
Chords: Db Fm Bbm Amaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 B7
Tip: Good song to unleash your effects on and try to imitate this full sound.


New albums by Eels, Manic Street Preachers, 30 Seconds To Mars and Johan

Here are some new tunes to try out! Get ready to rock along with these new albums recently released by Eels, Manic Street Preachers, 30 Seconds To Mars and the Dutch indie band Johan.

And while you’re at it, you might as well check out A Perfect Circle’s new record Eat The Elephant, released 14 years (!) after their previous album Emotive. Happy jamming! 

Manic Street Preachers – Resistance Is Futile 

Release date: April 6th
Single:  Distant Colours
Chords: E F#m7 B D A
Tip: Use your pedals to create the right sound.

Eels – The Deconstruction 

Release date: April 6th
Single: Bone Dry
Chords: Gm F Eb Dm Bb Cm C Dbdim D
Tip: A lot of different chords and high tempo, perfect for practicing your fast fingering.


30 Seconds To Mars – America

Release date: April 6th
Single: Dangerous Night
Chords: Bm G D A Em
Tip: Easy chords and very easy to play along.

Johan – Pull Up 

Release date: April 13th
Single: About time
Chords: D7 G D/F# Cmaj7 Em7 D
Tip: This song contains the quite unusual chord D/F#.

A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant

Release date: April 19th
Single: TalkTalk
Chords: C#m A F#m C# F# E D Em B C A# D#
Tip: Also interesting to try a different version on the piano.

New albums by Kylie Minogue, Hinds, The Vaccines and The Boxer Rebellion

The brand-new albums are piling up again! Get cracking on your pop prowess with Kylie Minogue’s refreshing comeback album, Golden. Unleash your punk attitude with UK’s The Vaccines or spur your overdrive with Spanish girl band Hinds. Also, muchas gracias to The Boxer Rebellion, who are topping off the list with a beautiful balled to soothe our souls.

Happy jamming!

The Vaccines – Combat Sports

Release date: March 30th
Single: Night Club
Chords: Bm D G Em D/F# A
Tip: Skip to the chorus to practice some fast fingering.

The Boxer Rebellion – Ghost Alive

Release date: March 30th
Single: Here I Am
Chords: F Bb Dm
Tip: Easy learning, with only three chords.

Hinds – I Don’t Run 

Release date: April 6th
Single: The Club
Chords: C C/E F Am G#/E G/D G#/D# E G G# Fm
Tip: These chords may sound a bit unusual, but they are not that difficult.

Kylie Minogue – Golden

Release date: April 6th
Single: Stop me from Falling
Chords: Db Ab Bbm Gb
Tip: Try this on your Western guitar to get your audience line dancing, instantly.